Kushi Q, Malaysia First Japanese Yakitori On Auto Griller

Yakitori is a Japanese type of satay which almost identical to ours. It is made from several bite-sized pieces of chicken meat, skewered on a bamboo skewer and barbecued, usually over charcoal. Our satay is eat with peanut sauce but Japanese Yakitori rely on the marinate. The traditional way where yakitori is cooked on the charcoal just like the way we cook satay.


Imagine sitting in front of satay stove, with all the smokes heat and flying around ashes from the charcoal. Phew! Sweat and you’ll smell like a walking stick of satay. Lies within Tropicana City Shopping Center, there are a new Japanese restaurant that specialize in Japanese Yakitori.


Clean and hygiene in an air conditioned environment

Being a HALAL certified restaurant the restaurant serves Muslim friendly food that can be consumed by all people. When you walk near the restaurant, you can see there’s a mini conveyor belt where the yakitori is grilled.




1 by 1 going thru the heating panel … no oil and smokeless cooking

The heating element cook the yakitori to the right level and not over cook. It will only over cook if the chef forgot about it. But the turn around time for the yakitori to cook is pretty fast since it is cut not too thick.