CLOSED : Danny’s Kitchen, The Hidden Dragon in Solaris Mont Kiara

Early last month I was wondering around with my makan kakis ( Richard, Edward, Xin, BBO ) at Solaris Mont Kiara to look for Chinese Restaurant which serve awesome food. We scouted a sign board next the Sushi King on the same floor as Tenji Sushi.



We see not much people in there since it is over the dinner rush hour. So we walk in and got ourself a table.

All the signature dishes were listed on the wall


The main hall for function and extra table

The boss himself Danny came and take our order. He make sure everybody is comfortable and then only ask for our choice of dishes. This is what we call service!

Below is what we ordered for the night and I tell you all the foods were delicious! It is as good as those served in hotels. Presentation wise it is on par with that with a home taste touch. We all absolutely love all the foods served and I can tell you we nearly lick the plates clean.


Stir Fried Baby White Cabbage with Crispy Baby Anchovies On Top – RM15

The baby pak choy is still crunchy and it is just lightly stir fried with chopped garlic and then topped with deep fried crunchy baby anchovies when served. We finish it in a jiffy when this is served.

Medium Sized Rojak Bean Curd with Thai Sauce – RM15

Medium Sized Claypot Curry Garoupa Fish Head – RM35

The fish head curry was excellent. It is not like the normal type where they put in maggie mixture to cook it. This is cooked from scratch and the fishes were fresh and not over cooked.

Chili Crabs – RM50

The crabs really got my cholestrol meter pumping high. Just check out the photo below. Soooooooooo many roes.


Slurp ….. the sauces goes very well with the deep fried bun too

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