Food POI Celebrating 2nd Year Anniversary at Yee Man Exotic Food Restaurant With Malfreemaps Community On Their 1st Annivesary

On 31st Aug 2009, our country is celebrating our 52nd Independence Day. On the same day Food POI is celebrating 2nd year anniversary too. This is a great milestone for me to be able to write for 2 years despite the ups and downs on my day time job where currently almost settle down with my own company.

It was such a coincidence where My ASEAN Free GPS Map Project (Commonly known as are celebrating their 1st anniversary in Ipoh. MfM were a group of people who draw and provide a free GPS maps to the public in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Garmin and Papago users can use the map for FREE FOR LIFE without any subscription charges. All you need is just purchase yourself a Garmin or Papago GPS device in order to use the map.

On the history of Food POI side, the name Food Point Of Interest were derived from the GPS terms. If you use GPS, you will know what POI (Point Of Interest) means.


MfM Community on China Press – My face is at the far right ….

I travel down with my buddy Andrew Quah for the event at the same time we did a short morning food hunt around Ipoh town with just the 2 of us. I’ll tell you the breakfast part later. Now let’s talk about the dinner. The dinner was plan ahead by the Ipoh committee members where we are going to dine at a village called Lawan Kuda (Fighting horse????). The place were located somewhere near Gopeng and took us 20 minus drive from Ipoh town on a non peak hour.


Most of the sittings were places outside the restaurant as the air here are pretty refreshing at night vs inside the restaurant. The surrounding area of this restaurant were plantation estates. There are about 25 of us which seated in the VIP room with aircond. Upon open the door, we were greeted with some wines and home made toddy (fresh fermented coconut liquor).

Barley Ice Toddy

The toddy were very fresh and not like those cheap skate type that were sold in Tuak shops where a lot drunkards flooding to drink. This were the boss’s own home brew and were served to special guest only.

Ribena California Red Wine and at the back some Guiness Stout

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