Din Tai Fung at The Gardens Launching New 10 Latest Taiwanese Dishes

Anyone up for Xiu Long Bao? I’m always a big fans of Xiu Long Bao and in Malaysia we are grateful to have 2 type of Xiu Long Bao which one is from Shang Hai (Dragon-i) and DIN TAI FUNG (Taiwan). Since DTF opened, I never really have a chance to go and try out the ones in The Gardens Mid Valley Megamall. Everytime I get turned off by the que. Currently that is the only outlet in Malaysia.

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Front Door with chair for customer to wait

I had mine in Singapore Orchard Road outlet previously cause I travel there for business trip. So basically this is the first time I get to try the Malaysia outlet. I am very honored to be invited for a food tasting session and meet the owner of Malaysia franchise Ms Lim Meng Lu via the intro by my fellow blogger Sean from Makanlah.

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dtf restaurant layout_resize
The Restaurant During Peak Hours … Loud and lively ambience just like any other Chinese restaurants in Taiwan but service still remains top notch and efficient

Lim The Owner of Malaysia Franchise

There is a good showcase which tells you the history and in depth detail on DTF Malaysia and Taiwan made by Sean of Makanlah. CLICK HERE for more details.


During the food tasting session, we were given a short tour of the open kitchen.  Every DTF outlets around the world having the same open kitchen concept. Lim were briefing all the attendee on how the famed dumpling Xiao Long Bao was made.

din tai fung light xiu long bao dough mixer_resize
Compact and efficient kitchen equipments from Taiwan

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