[CLOSED] The Sire Museum Restaurant at Penang King Street

Lately I feel strange. My heart just signal my brain to write some old school food post. So I go and dig my archive (got more than 400 articles to write) and walla! Slip some where in one of the sub folders which tickle me to write about it. It was THE SIRE MUSEUM RESTAURANT which located in Penang.

The restaurant is located a stone throw away from Penang Municipal Office building which located at Esplanade where the Fort Cornwallis reside. If you pass by King Street, you will not see anything which will grab your attention. But when you step in, the feeling of back to the past will kick in. The Sire actually

Main front dining hall with a long hallway which link to the back section

Hallway from the back section facing the door entrance

A panorama picture of old Chinese Tycoon Yeap Chor EE’s mansion which now turn into Wawasan University (He Donate it!)

The Back Dining Section

From the picture above you can see there’s another door leading much deeper inside right? Beyond that area, we are not permitted to take photograph as all the items were antiques which showcased to public. I respect the rule here and do not shoot inside the showcase hall which you can see lots of stuffs from photos, personal items, furniture and etc which belong to Yeap’s family.

During my visit, we were seated in a VIP room which seldom opened for public use. On that day, I went there with my fellow bloggers from Penang Lingzie, CK, Jason and Gill and my personal friend SXE (Not SEX OK? :P)

The room were fantastic and very grand.

See the decoration around

Most of the things in this room is red in color including the walls

The Sire in English term is used when addressing a “SIR” in UK. Same like we address a DATUK in Malaysia.This restaurant’s food is manage by the same management as Feringghi Garden which famous for Western Foods.


In House Complimentary Toasted Cheese Baguette

It taste quite good when it is taken hot. I just couldn’t resist the color when they served it. It is crunchy at the outer layer and soft in the inner part. Nice!

Can you resist this?

Prawn Tartare RM11.80

Portobello Mushroom RM12.80

This mushroom taste real good. Every bite will have a strong mushroom taste and the juice inside rush out upon bitten. This is served with balsamic vinegar as the mushroom is tasteless in nature.

Beef Sandwich RM14.80

Nothing much to comment on this dish as the piece of meat were rather dry and not juicy enough.


Golden Linguine RM15.80

The Golden Linguine, was a fusion of Western and Asian flavors. The sauce had the aroma and taste of lemon grass, Thai basil, curry and lime. This is the first time I had my linguine cooked with curry powder and the taste were somehow a bit weird for me.

Prawn Macaroni RM16.80

The macaroni were cooked Aglio Olio style and then laden with special mushroom sauce on top. Then there are 5 medium sized fried prawns on top. The taste not bad. I quite like it.

Tenderloin Medallion – RM49.80

Two piece beef tenderloin well done served with mash potato, grilled aubergines and spinach. It came together with Bearnaise sauce and butter. We try both and this dish is great! The Bearnaise sauce is made of clarified butter, egg yolks flavored with tarragon, shallots, chervil and vinegar. The mash potato that came with the medallion worth a mention also as it came with some chunks of potato rather than all mash up. Creamy and smooth texture with something to bite on.

Roast Loin Chop – RM32.80

The meat is tender and juicy, the fats were caramelized under the cooking heat. Taste like Char Siew! It was good on its own without dipping into any of the accompanying sauces, the whole grain honey mustard and mint sauce. The same mashed potato from the medallion accompany the loin chop.

Lamb Shank – RM49.80

The lamb shank sauce were added tomato puree which spoiled the taste. Normally BBQ sauce is sufficient and according to CK, this is different from the one she had last time.

All the dishes above were circulated around the table to try out all the taste. It was fun eating it this way. Lucky we were seated in a VIP room or else people will think what are we trying to do can see all the plates passing around.


Tiramisu with a scoop of Movenpick vanilla ice cream – RM15.80

This Tiramisu doesn’t taste like the normal one which I had. It is hard.

Green mousse with a scoop of Movenpick vanilla ice cream – RM15.80

Bailey’s Coffee – RM19.80 This is good!

Place: The Sire Museum Restaurant

Location : Facing Great Eastern Building at Esplanade
GPS Coordinate :N5 25.207 E100 20.483
Location Map :

View Food POI in a larger map

Address : 4 King Street, 10200 Penang
Contact No :T: 04-264 5088
Website :
Business Hour : Daily 10.00am till 10pm
Food Type: Western and Fusion Foods
Price: Reasonable
Payment Terms : Cash / Credit Card
Cleanliness Votes : 4/5
Food Votes : 3/5
Air Conditioned : YES
Smoking and non smoking zone : NO
Tax : 10% Service
Recommended Foods : Roast Loin Chop and Tenderloin Medallion Steak

Recommended Drinks :Bailey’s Coffee