Ivy’s Kitchen – The Home Cook Recipe Nyonya Food

ivys kitchen - 15

This is just sample portions …. actual are bigger

ivys kitchen - 16
Home cook deep fried Spring Rolls

ivys kitchen - 17
This is my favorite dish in Ivy’s Kitchen …. Deep Fried Stuffed with Chili Mackerel fish

ivys kitchen - 18

Home Cook Assam Laksa with plenty of fish

ivys kitchen - 19
The laksa noodle used here are different from KL’s one which have more texture and thicker

ivys kitchen - 20
Desserts of the day …. 3 different version of red beans soup

ivys kitchen - 21
Cook to perfection and not too sweet

ivys kitchen - 03
Ivy and Mr Tan who runs the restaurant

If only this kind of place is setup in KL. I can tell you they will be rich real quick and sold out in the matter of hours just for lunch. I would like to thanks Criz Lai from Criz Foods on arranging this food tasting when I was back in Penang early last month.

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Address & Contact Number
Ivy’s Kitchen
58 Jalan Chow Thye
10250 Penang
Tel: +6013-433 7878 (Mr Tan)
+6016-433 7130 (Ms Ivy)

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28 thoughts on “Ivy’s Kitchen – The Home Cook Recipe Nyonya Food

  1. Swee Bin

    I am still remembering the fried popiah at Ivy’s Kitchen – I call it fusion popiah. Aiyo, what’s inside, ah? Can’t quite remember. Can just remember it tasted very good and wish it was available in Subang Jaya. Very different!


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