Ivy’s Kitchen – The Home Cook Recipe Nyonya Food

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Beef Rendang Set – RM8.50**

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Chicken Rendang Set – RM9 (This is curry Kapitan Chicken Style) **RECOMMENDED TO TRY!

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Garoupa Fish Porridge – RM9**

I know out there a lot of you may feel sick to eat rice for lunch or too heavy for you. Ivy’s kitchen serve this healthy porridge at an affordable price which come with garoupa fish fillet. In KL, I dare to bet this bowl cost at least RM15! Here at Ivy’s kitchen it just cost RM9 with a fruit juice and a dessert. Absolutely affordable and healthy choice for lunch.

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If the porridge is too heavy, you can opt for rice vermicelli at the same price just that the fish is fried

Apart from all the main course combo above, you can order some small snack dishes for add on.

ivys kitchen - 12

Lor Bak – Chicken Roll

ivys kitchen - 13
Authentic Nyonya Style Jiu Hu Char with piping hot sambal belacan

ivys kitchen - 14
Home Cook Curries

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28 thoughts on “Ivy’s Kitchen – The Home Cook Recipe Nyonya Food

  1. Swee Bin

    I am still remembering the fried popiah at Ivy’s Kitchen – I call it fusion popiah. Aiyo, what’s inside, ah? Can’t quite remember. Can just remember it tasted very good and wish it was available in Subang Jaya. Very different!


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