CLOSED : Dong Yi Shun Chinese Muslim Food at Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara lately become the latest food area which attract a lots of new restaurants whether from traditional noodle house to modernised coffee shops. For example the famous Chili Pan Mee, Papa Rich, Pak Li and latest addition to the crows was Kg Baru Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa.

However I miss out a Chinese Muslim Restaurant which located just right behind the Subway Sandwich restaurant located at The Strand. This place may be a little bit hard to spot. But if you know how to go Big Brother Western Food, just go further down till the junction and turn right where you can see Island Red Cafe on your right. Go further down about 150 meters and you will able to see Dong Yi Shun.

Decorations combination between the Chinese and Muslim Culture but not Baba Nyonya

Nicely decorated and having open air environment

VIP Room setup

My Photography Sifu (Andrew) teach me how to camwhore with my big camera single handed

OK. Enough of the intro part. Let’s go into the food part. Before this, I never taste before any Chinese Muslim’s restaurant food. This is my first and I didn’t put much high hope on it. We were asked to order our drinks first. There are 2 menu books which 1 of it is drinks only.

This is the new menu!

I ordered myself a glass of Cold Western China Imported “Long Jing” Tea which cost RM10. I forgot the exact price.

Chinese Western Long Jin Tea – RM10

The tea leaves were imported directly from China according to The Star Newspaper article which wrote about them when they open up their first outlet in Malaysia. This is not those normal Cina Teh Ais which we ordered during a scorching hot day in kopitiams. Long Jin is one of the finest tea leaves in Chinese Tea Art which use to be served to emperors and royalties only.

?????? – Shanghai Fried Beef Dumpling – RM8.80

Normally dumplings we tend to have it with pork fillings and due to this is a Halal restaurant, it is replaced by various types of ingredients like beef and seafood.

The brownish edge part which looks like apom telur is made of the xiu long bao skins. That is tasty!

?????? – Special Steamed Seafood Dumpling – RM9.80

An authentic China restaurant usually come with this dish. The Xiao Long Bao – ???! Their Xiao Long Bao is on par with Dragon-i’s but some how the setback is that they didn’t put a Chinese cabbage at the steam cage. It would be perfect if they put that in before putting them to steam. Similar to the dumplings above, the xiu long bao also came in 2 versions which is the beef and seafood type at the same price.

????????? – Xi An Beef Xiao Long Bao – RM9.80

????????? – Xi An Seafood Xiao Long Bao – RM9.80

?????? – Dong Yi Shun Mutton Satay – RM2/pc

This satay taste so good! Unlike the normal satay which we need to dip into the peanut sauce, this one doesn’t need it. The mutton were marinated and then barbequed. After it is cooked, cumin powder mixed with chili were sprinkled on top. The meat were tender and every bite has the spice flavors.

????? – songĀ zhi Garoupa fish (sweet & sour) RM25

The Garoupa Fish were de-boned, battered and deep fried. Then it is laden with sweet and sour sauce on top. At first we felt this is kinda wasted with such a good fish cooked in sweet and sour way. Usually we just steam it and put some soya sauce. That proof us wrong. This taste real good too. The meat were not dry and the sauce is just right not too over power the fish.

Rice for those who can’t live without it

????? – Xin Jiang Chicken In Big Pot – RM16.80

The chicken is cooked with dried chilies, capsicum, onions and some other spices. The taste may be a bit new to us but it certainly tasty. Give it a try to find out more about this dish. Goes very well with plain rice. This also is known as curry chicken in China.

Butter Fried Prawns

This dish is pretty normal to me and the butter weren’t crunchy. However the prawns were fresh and I can eat the whole without peeling the skins.

Kung Po Chicken

This dish suppose to be very spicy when I last had it in Shanghai China. It suppose to be totally covered up with dried chilies and peppercorns. Everytime I had it, my toungue sure feel numb. But the one we had here just taste normal and doesn’t have the kick. In China, it was called “LA JI KAI TING” or in English peppercorn diced chicken.

???? – Fried Cumin Mutton (RM16)

This is a MUST ORDER dish. I just can’t get enough of it. The taste is almost similar with the satay but with the addition of chopped Chinese parsley. The whole plate were gone in matter of minutes upon served. No wonder this is labeled as one of their signature dish. Indeed very addictive!


Hot Plate Mutton

When this dish is served, I thought it was a hot plate beef. The Sizzling sweet mutton dish definitely caught our attention, with the aromatic sizzling mix of bright green and red peppers, huge onion cuts with pieces of tender mutton.

????? – Fried Abalone Mushroom with diced capsicum – RM12

This is another snack which is recommended to order. The abalone mushroom were battered and then fried. Then it is lightly stir fried with chopped capsicum, onions and garlics with a pinch of salt. Lips smacking dish to go in front of TV.

?????? – Japanese Bean curd with Broccoli – RM10

The Japanese Bean Curd with brocoli ends our main course. This taste pretty normal and can get it in most of the restaurants that doing Tai Chow in Klang Valley.

For dessert, we were served starchy sweet corn and egg soup. This makes us feels like we are still in a Chinese restaurant but halal version. Nothing different in terms of the food served in any other non halal chinese restaurant. The way they cook, the spice and ingredients were similar.

Place: Dong Yi Shun

Location : Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
GPS Coordinate :N3 09.315 E101 35.512
Location Maps :

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Address : No28-G & 30-G, Jalan PJU 5/20B, The Strand, Pusat Dagangan Kota Damansara, PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Contact No :03-6142 8776
Website :
Business Hour : Daily 10.00am till 10pm
Food Type: Authentic Chinese Muslim Foods
Price: Reasonable
Payment Terms : Cash / Credit Card
Cleanliness Votes : 4/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : YES
Smoking and non smoking zone : YES
Tax : 10% Service
Recommended Foods : Ziran Cumin Mutton, Mutton Satay and Xiu Long Bao

Recommended Drinks :Long Jin Chinese Tea


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