Restoran Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee Now Available at Chow Yang SS2

Attention Chili Pan Mee lovers,

We use to be need to travel all the way to Chow Kit Batu Road for a good bowl of Chili Pan Mee. Then later on the Super Kitchen is the first to branch out their outlets to Kota Damansara and then to Kepong. Now it is available at SS2 Chow Yang, Petaling Jaya. So no need to go till that far. I have verified it, this shop still serve a kick ass bowl of chili pan mee.

It is located on the other side of Kayu Nasi Kandar. It is in the middle part of the 2 shop lots.

Checkout my previous post on this restaurant’s chili pan mee.

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36 thoughts on “Restoran Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee Now Available at Chow Yang SS2

  1. allie

    I’m a pan mee freak! Too bad that PG don’t have a place for a great bowl of nice pan mee. So sad… and you are torturing me with your pan mee post! so bad la you…

  2. panmeelover

    WOW!!! the pan mee in Super Kitchen Restorant ia fantastic!! i lurv it veri much. i m glad that they have a NEW BRANCH at SS2 which is near my house. !!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Lisa

    Went there today. So disappointmenting!

    I usually go to Kin Kin across the road from the Super Kitchen in Chow Kit. I decided to give Super Kitchen a try since it’s in SS2, thinking that if it’s any good, I could go there rather than all the way down to Chow Kit.

    The mee is fatter than the Kin Kin pan mee and it’s soft and spongy. No spring to it like at Kin Kin. The chilli is not as tasty as the one from Kin Kin. Somehow it’s flat – just hot, no aroma. The mince pork has a sweet taste – too much sugar added. And NO CHEE YEOW CHAR!! Now that was the killer for me.

    I know Super Kitchen and Kin Kin are not the same place so I shouldn’t expect the same taste but Super Kitchen – from their preparation and serving style to the dry chilli – tries to copy Kin Kin so I hoped that at least it would be a decent copy.

    Sadly, no. Their pan mee is tasteless even compared to other pan mees.

  4. Alan Tan

    Hi food sifu,

    Without disrespect to your post..IMHO I still prefer Kin Kin’s chilli pan meen to this. ys this outlet chilli’s is fiery and tasty , but the quality of the nooddle in Kin Kin is much better as opposed to Batu Road’s as its handmade compares to machine made ones here.
    .-= Alan Tan´s last blog ..PorkMix Soup ( Chu Chap Tong ) =-.

  5. Kenneth

    Kin Kin’s (located opposite to Super kitchen at Batu Road) is the original and the best chilli pan mee in town for 25 years. I’ve tried it eversince when the couple was running their stall under tree not far from their present shop. Super Kitchen’s owner was a brilliant entrepreneur who saw the potential of cilli pan mee created by this old couple by opening one opposite to it. The signboard carries very very small letter words for Super Kitchen but very huge chinese words for chilli pan mee. Many of my friends are still misled by Super Kitchen because they have never tried the original Kin Kin’s. Though Super Kitchen has branched out very sucessfully, its crowd in Batu Road is normally poor, but at least the business for other outlets are good. Try the original and you will see the diferrence!

    P/s. Don’t go on Sunday because it’s very crowded


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