Restoran 2008 Snow Beer – Beer in Slurpee style

Dear all readers. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been having a tough time to find free time to write. Last week I was back to my home town Penang and find that the temperature there are much higher compared to KL. At that point of time, my mind keep thinking of the chill out with my buddy Andrew. I went to that place after read about the snow beer article written by fellow food blogger, Wilson at his site.

On a scorching hot day, I just couldn’t resist 2 things. 1 ice cream and another one is ice cold beer. Some more this one got snow flakes in your beer glass.This shop is located 5 minutes away from Taman Yu Lek, Cheras Food Street.

cheras restoran 2008 snow beer - 13

Andrew was there first before I arrive. At first he saw only few tables were occupied and the rest were empty. All seats were placed under open air and inside the restaurant, there are not place for you to sit. So all were sitting on open air tables and along the hall way of the restaurants. So he take the lead and kill a bottle first before I arrive. He ordered Heineken.

cheras restoran 2008 snow beer - 02
The bottles were placed in chiller rather than ordinary fridge. There are reasons behind it.

cheras restoran 2008 snow beer - 01

Same goes for the glass. From the picture you can see that the glass were almost frozen.

When I arrived, Drew already almost finish the whole bottle. So I ordered another bottle and some foods.

cheras restoran 2008 snow beer - 07
See the effect of the beer! There are a trick to pour this beer. The waitress will turn the glass while pouring so that the liquid touch all the glass surface.

cheras restoran 2008 snow beer - 08
This is not bubble. It is frost! The ice flakes which same like 7-11 Slurpee

cheras restoran 2008 snow beer - 03
See the center part. Ice flake starting to float

cheras restoran 2008 snow beer - 04

The Final stage. You have to drink it fast down or else you won’t feel the cold feeling down your throat.

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