CLOSED : Dubrovnik Restaurant at Solaris Mont Kiara – The First and Only Croation Food Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

After 3 years staying permanent in KL, I found that I like the place more already compare to my home town Penang. Without a doubt Penang still top in my heart for hawkers food. However there are too many duplicates and easily get bored.

Klang Valley never ends with surprises with more and more expats opening authentic restaurants from their country of origins. Recently I was trying something new to me which is Croation Food. The restaurant name DUBROVNIK RESTAURANT located at the new Solaris, Mont Kiara.

Outdoor Table Setup for 2. Candle Light dinner!

A little bit of Dubrovnik …… Dubrovnik actually is a place name. It is located at the most southern part of Croatia. It also the most sunniest and and tourist favorite spot. Croation food is also known as “The Cuisine Of Regions” which has many influences from Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Austria and France due to its historical nature.

Dina, the owner of the restaurant wanted to share her home town food with peoples in Malaysia. This is the passion that drives her to open Dubrovnik Restaurant. The main chef of the restaurant was his father which loves to cook. According to Ben Teh (Restaurant Manager), Croation people love to cook at home.

High pillar and ceiling setup. The upper floor mainly for dining and ground floor is the place for people to chill out.

Comfortable cushion with dim lights

From the Bar

Liquor from Dubrovnik City

Pear Liquor

CroCroation Limoncello Margarita – Rating 4/5 at RM28
Home Made limoncello, cointreu, sweet sour

Adriatic Mudslide – Rating 4/5 at RM28
Kahlua, Baileys, Amaretto and Fresh Cream

Ananas Refresher – Rating 4/5 at RM16
Fresh Pineapple Juice and Fresh Mint Leaves

Cosmopolitan – Rating 4/5 at RM24
Citron Vodka, Cointraeu, Cranberry, Sweet and Sour


Appetizer : Home Made Bread With Vegetable Salsa Dip – Rating 4/5 – On The House

The Bread come with Vegetable Salsa Dip rather than vinegar and olive oil

Slightly tangy taste to start off your appetite!

From the 2 pictures above, you can see the bread were not look as nice as other bread served in restaurants. This bread were made on the spot upon ordered and they cook it the conventional Croation way. Most of the things were cooked in wood fire oven.

The cost to cook food in wood is much higher compared to gas and can go up to RM400 per week

Due Colori Soup – Rating 3/5 at RM16
Perfectly divided plate of creamy leek-spinach with asparagus-cauli flower soup

Eigenmachtez – Rating 4/5 at RM15

Austrian Chicken and vefetable broth, served with Croatian Dumpling. This soup is surprisingly good! Taste very homey. Just the way my mom cook chicken soup. Doesn’t know that Croatia also got such a similar dish.

Krumpir Soup – Rating 4/5 at RM15 SIGNATURE DISH!
Light Cream Of Porcini Mushroom Soup With Potato Cubes

The mushroom soup taste very rich and you can taste the mushroom bits on every scoop.

Appetizer Platter – Rating 4/5 at RM45 for 3 to 4 persons

This is a combination platter for Strukli, Palacinke and Sofia Salad

Strukli basically is a fresh cheese dumpling which pan fried with bread crumbs and served with sour cream. The taste almost like our fried cempedak but with cheese filling inside. A very unique taste. SIGNATURE DISH!

Palacinke – Crepes filled with cream cheese and bakes in oven. This taste almost like lasagna.

Sofia Salad – Red and Green peppers, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, gouda cheese & feta cheese tossed in a light Croation olive oil vinegar dressing. SIGNATURE DISH!

Lamb Croatia – Rating 5/5 at RM48 SIGNATURE DISH!
Lamb Steak cook slowly in lamb juice and pepper sauce, served with broccoli and pommes dauphine potato

I am not a big fans of lamb because of the smell. But this one the meat was very tender and juicy and every bite full with the fragrant from the spices which used to marinate the meat. You may think the portion is small, but if you clear the plate it is a different story.

Pasta Spalato – Rating 4/5 at RM28 (Home Made) SIGNATURE DISH!

Fresh garganelli(penne) with capsicum, spinach and che’vre cheese

All the pasta from Dubrovnik restaurant were home made daily. They do not use out of the box pastas. The cheese used on each dishes also were matched perfectly and from high quality type.

Chicken PEKA – Rating 4/5 at RM45 SIGNATURE DISH!

Traditional Croatian way of preparing marinated meat or seafood, under an iron bell for 3 hours in the wood burning oven). Also available in lamb which cost RM50. The bell shaped oven steams the chicken in its own juices, which enhances the flavor. The meat is enjoyed alongside potatoes, carrots and rice.

The look may look like Kenny Rogers roast chicken. But upon sinking your teeth in, it is on a whole different level. The chicken were very well marinated and really roasted in wood fire oven. You can smell the wood fragrant on the chicken skin. This is one of the dish which require to book early as it need time to marinate and prepare.

Traditional Steak Korcula – Rating 4/5 at RM48

Overnight herb marinated beef loin pan fried on butter with special mushroom sauce & cognac flambeed at your table

This is a MUST order dish for your love ones on a date. There are no way you can get a dish cooked in front of your table at such price. The price is really affordable and the dish taste really good too. Below is the shot which I took when Ben did the cooking in front of our table.

Flambee in action

Millie Foglie – Rating 3/5 at RM18

Crispy Pastry served with light vanilla ice cream

Royal Chocolate Cake – Rating 4/5 at RM17 SIGNATURE DISH!

Bitter chocolate top sitting on a crispy hazelnut praline base

Apple Pita (Pie) – Rating 4/5 at RM16

Creamy Apple Filling in This Crispy Dough

The ice cream is a Movenpick if not mistaken

Orange Tart – Rating 4/5 at RM17 SIGNATURE DISH!


Preparing Crepe Suzette

Crepe Suzette – Rating 4/5 at RM18

2 pcs thin pancake cooked in a citrus orange sauce then flambeed with Cognac at your table

Place:Dubrovnik Restaurant

Location : Solaris Mont Kiara
GPS Coordinate :
Location Maps :

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Address :J-0G-14, Solaris Mont Kiara, No.2, Jalan Solaris, 50480, Kuala Lumpur
Contact No : 03-6203 6780
Website :
Business Hour : Lunch and Dinner Time
Off Day : Monday
Food Type: Authentic Croatia Cuisine
Price: Medium High
Payment Terms : Cash / Credit
Cleanliness Votes : 5/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Halal : No
WIFI : Yes
Smoking and non smoking zone : Yes
Tax :
Recommended Foods : Chicken and Lamb Peka

Recommended Drinks : Refer to the bar and they will suggest you.

Overall we had a pleasant dinner here which the service is pretty much personalized. Foods were fresh and reasonably priced. A truly home cook feel from Croatia.

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