Tasty Pot Restaurant – Buffet BBQ Steamboat Restaurant

Steamboat …… I use to be having this meal only when coming to festive season like Chinese New Year or family celebrations. Steamboat usually are prepared in a feast manner and this is the time where Chinese families get together and eat it.

Time has changed and steamboat are available anyday regardless whether there are any celebrations. On a normal day, we can just walk in to these steamboat buffet restaurants which you just pay a flat price and eat all you can. Dataran Sunway Mentari is one of the most famous spot for cheap and good steamboat area.

Thanks to Rebecca from The Nomad Gourmand, I was invited to food tasting sessions together with Sidney of Big Boys Oven at Restoran Tasty Pot. When we arrive, we are amazed on the size of the steamboat restaurant here.

This restaurant come with open air or indoor table. Most people would prefer to sit outside when eating steamboat as the fire emitted from the stove and also the heat from the steam boat pots. Running a full capacity per night, it can accomodate 200 pax!

I’ve visited a lot steamboat restaurant in Penang in the past but none of them come with this kind of size. Though having so much customers, the environment still airy because the aircond is switched on inside the restaurant to help cool off the environment. The workers were pretty efficient in cleaning up and preparing the table for next customer during peak hours.

What makes Tasty Pot so special was their soup base which offered in 6 different flavors. Usually most restaurants will only serve the clear soup and the Tom Yam soup. Here is a bit different. Here we can get SOYA BEAN SOUP, CURRY SOYA BEAN SOUP, HONG KONG SATIN PORRIDGE, CHONG QING SPICY SOUP (COMMONLY KNOWN AS PEPPERCORN), THAI STYLE TOM YAM SOUP AND HERBAL CHICKEN SOUP.

Left : Salted Soya Bean Soup and Right : Curry Soya Bean Soup

The salted soya bean soup is basically fresh made soya bean drink with added salt inside. Curry soya bean soup is soya bean drink with added curry spice and cook it.

Thai Tom Yam Soup and on the right is Herbal Chicken Soup

Right is the fiery Chong Qing Spicy Soup (Mala) which is a localized version of peppercorn soup and on the right is the Hong Kong Shatin Porridge soup that come with porridge

Besides the 6 types of soup base, Tasty Pot offer more than 150 stimulating choices of fish balls, fresh seafood, vegetables and Chinese dishes which all of it were pork free and provided by HALAL vendors.

Seafood Fridge

Soup Base Add On

BBQ Items or goes into your soup

Fish balls and dumplings fridge

Tiger prawns and white prawns

Tiger Prawns

Crabs, fish, squids, mushrooms, escargot, shell fish, you name it they have it …. and fast in refill

See the fresh crab shell with roes …… You can send it to grill if you like

Shell type seafoods from cockles to bamboo clams

Check this fresh scallop out ….. still white color ….. this show how fresh it is

Fresh Escargot

Freshly cooked Asian cuisines like curry chicken, fried vermicelli, mee and the famous BBQ chicken wings

Curry Chicken

They even have a roast lamb and grill kitchen. You just past them your seafood or meat and they will grill it for you.

No butter and oil used. Just fresh sea food and accompany it with special garlic lime sauce at the side later

BBQ Bamboo Clams

BBQ Squids

See how lovely is this BBQ bamboo clams

Some pre BBQ sweet potato and sausages

Squid, corn and sausages with the garlic lime cili padi sauce …. Yummy!

Grill Lamb and Ribs

Charcoal roasted

If you go early you got the chance of choosing the best roasted part

Wenny – The owner of Tasty Pot Restaurant

According to Wenny, the second floor will be open up soon and it will be fully air conditioned seating. When raining also no need to worry. You can seat in the ground floor or first floor to enjoy your steamboat.

Timothy Low from 3 Meals

Being one of the Malaysia pioneer food blogger, his blog is well known for his great pictures. All the pictures that he took with his point and shoot were close to DSLR quality. Thanks for hosting and organize this session man!

Sitting : Sidney of Big Boys Oven, Standing Behind : Wenny Ng from Tasty Pot, Rebecca, Simon Seow and myself

Place: Tasty Pot Restaurant

Location : Dataran Sunway Mentari
GPS Coordinate :N3 04.635 E101 36.793
Location Maps :

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Address : No.9, Jalan PJS 8/18, Dataran Sunway Mentari, Bandar Sunway, Selangor
Contact No : 03-5630 1282
Website : http://www.tastypot.com.my
Business Hour : 12pm to 12am Daily
Off Day : No off except CNY
Food Type: Buffet BBQ Steamboat
Price: RM23.80 per pax excluding drinks
Payment Terms : Cash / Credit Card
Cleanliness Votes : 3/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Smoking and non smoking zone : No
Tax : None
Recommended Foods : Buffet BBQ Steamboat

Recommended Drinks :