Momiji Doll Fans Club Malaysia Blog

Today I would like to announce that Momiji Doll Fans Club Malaysia Blog is up! For those who don’t know about what is Momiji Doll, this is how it look!

Momiji dolls were hand painted Japanese Wooden Doll which origin from UK. For more of their adorable pictures, please checkout :

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31 thoughts on “Momiji Doll Fans Club Malaysia Blog

    1. email2me Post author

      Now you know why I am so busy lately ….. food post also less coz of these girls … now they are up and I feel so proud of them 😀

    1. email2me Post author

      Thanks for linking. There are no place to join yet. All you need to do is email me your pix, and I will insert it as a post. I guess I shall start taking ur pix and put in in there for a start. 😀


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