Kimberley Street Ah Seng Char Bee Hoon [Economy Fried Vermicelli]

What food can you buy with RM1.20 nowadays? I mean a dish. Besides nasi lemak that I can think of, let me introduce this famous food from Penang. It is called “CHAR BEE HOON” in Hokkien or fried vermicelli.

ah seng economy bee hoon - 5.jpg

It is a very simple dish where the yellow mee, rice vermicelli and koey teow were fried with cooking oil, sugar, dark soya sauce, soya sauce, bean sprouts and little bit of garlics. Each will be fried individually as it allow customer to choose their own combinations. The most common ones would be mixing yellow mee and rice vermicelli or called “Bee Hoon Mee” in Hokkien.

There are some fried condiments put on top like you can see in the picture is the deep fried bean curd skins and pickled chilis. There are sambal too which put below the bean curd skins. The bean curd skins were very crunchy.

The stall that I patron the most in Penang was Ah Seng Char Bee Hoon located opposite Bee Hooi Coffee Shop in Kimberley Street.

ah seng economy bee hoon - 1.jpg

The stall has a lot drive thru business!

The stall were operated by father and son. I patron them a lot since I am 16 years old till now. Whenever I go the uncle will know how I like my combination. Ah SENG! I respect you! SALUTE! for still remember my combination after 4 years no patron your CHAR BEE HOON. My favorite combination was mix all with extra pickled chilis and bean curd skins.

ah seng economy bee hoon - 2.jpg

By the way if you didn’t ask for extra bean curd skins, you only get like 5 to 6 pieces cause the raw materials ain’t cheap. It took a lot effort to fry it.

ah seng economy bee hoon - 3.jpg
My plate of 3 combo mix! This plate cost me RM2 with everything add in and big size

ah seng economy bee hoon - 4.jpg
Back to basic!

Too bad at the moment I went to Ah Seng’s shop, there are no peanut soup. If not, PERFECT companion for my CHAR BEE HOON.

Place: Ah Seng Char Bee Hoon

Location : Kimberley Street
GPS Coordinate :
Location Maps :

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Address : Refer to the map.
Contact No :
Website :
Business Hour : Late evening about 6.30pm onwards
Off Day :
Food Type: Hawker Food
Price: RM1.20 for small, RM1.50 for Medium and RM2.00 for big
Payment Terms : Cash
Cleanliness Votes : 1/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : No
Halal : NO cause fried with lard oil
Smoking and non smoking zone : No
Tax : None
Recommended Foods : Bee Hoon Mee

You can put in sweet sauce too.

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