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I am a big fans of Thai Food! From my past post, you can see quite a number of Thai food reviews I have done. Do you feel that currently the trend of opening a good Thai Food restaurant mostly were near residential area? For example, My Elephant at SS17, Petaling Jaya and Bangkok Wasabe at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

There are a new restaurant in town that caught my attention. “Asian Terrace serves authentic Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine with a semi-open concept surrounded with water features and greeneries!”

The restaurant is located in Solaris Mont Kiara, the new F&B township… strategically located in the up-market residential suburb of Mont Kiara. You will find its location resting quietly away from the bustling street of Soho KL…

asian terrace - 01.jpg

Right opposite SOHO KL

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Featuring a contemporary interior design, the restaurant feels like we are in the middle of a spa. There are a wall with running water and also a big mirror.

asian terrace - 06.jpg

All the furnitures and decorations used here were mostly made from dark wood. Dim lighting environment with rattan lamp shades and slow music make you feel so relax dining here.

asian terrace - 05.jpg

This place is good for business dinner and then environment were just perfect to have some casual discussion while having a booze after the meal. The bar serves an extensive range of beverages inclusive of wines, cocktails, premium spirits and liqueurs. Wine lovers can enjoy a carefully selected wine list which features some popular and well known brands.

asian terrace - 09.jpg

asian terrace - 03.jpg
Table setup

asian terrace - 04.jpg
Semi Open Air Setup

asian terrace - 08.jpg
This looks Balinese to me …..

asian terrace - 07.jpg
Cute elephant deco ….. Elephant deco is common in Thai Restaurants


According to the owner, the chef were hired from Northern Thailand. Hence you can rest assured the authenticity of the food here is from Thai and Vietnam. Most of the northern Thai people know how to cook Vietnamese cuisines as the distance between the border is pretty near.

Our night started with “MIENG KAM”. A Thai appetizer that is a must to order in any Thai Restaurants.

asian terrace - 11.jpg
Mieng Kam – RM16+

Mieng Kam is all about fresh ingredients served with a special home made sauce. You will start off by taking a fresh kadok leaf folded and then put in all the condiments such as roasted peanuts, grated coconut, lime, ginger, dried shrimps, bird eye chili, and onions. Then the whole bag goes into your mouth. You will feel the addictiveness of this on your first bite. Try it yourself! It is very hard for me to tell you the sensation of eating Mieng Kam.

asian terrace - 10.jpg
Asian Terrace Crispy Cat Fish Mango Salad – RM17+

Besides the tasty Mieng Kam, this is another good stuff. Mango salad ….. When they serve this dish, I thought there are a piece of roti jala there. First time see such a thing added to mango salad. On the first bite in to that, you can taste the cat fish meat grinded and deep fried. The whole piece of cracker look think is actually grinded cat fish meat. It goes very well with the mango salad combination.

asian terrace - 12.jpg
Traditional Thai Thick Tom Yam With Seafood – RM16+

A Thai Food dinner without this bowl of soup is consider not complete. The soup taste pretty strong with spices and I can taste the Tom yam paste is home made. I had so much experience in Thai food cause I travel to Thai pretty frequent on my previous job where my ex coleaque’s wife cook for me. Too bad that time not yet start food blogging and can’t show you guys how the tom yam paste were made. The soup here were so good that we finish every drop of the soup!

asian terrace - 13.jpg
Sour Chicken and Coconut Soup RM14+ | Vietnamese Soup

After taking the first sip of this soup, it taste like Tom Yam. Somehow I can’t taste any lemongrass and chili flavor in it. So I try to take a few more sip and taste a bit like cook coconut juice. Then the owner explain to me that this is in fact not Tom Yam soup. It is the traditional Vietnamese soup which is a signature dish of Vietnamese Cuisine like Tom Yam relates to Thai Food. The main ingredient for this bowl of soup is the young coconut flesh that leave a slightly sweet taste. Besides coconut, there were cherry tomatoes, some lime juice and oyster mushrooms.

asian terrace - 14.jpg
Saigonese Fresh Crystal Roll With Prawns – RM16+

asian terrace - 15.jpg

The Saigonese Fresh Crystal Roll taste great which having ingredients like shredded carrots, radish, cabbage, parseley and prawns. After you dip the roll into the sauce, it taste sweet. It almost like our popiah with raw radish feel. This one has more flavors in it though.


asian terrace - 16.jpg
Bottom : Lemon Grass Juice – RM7+

asian terrace - 17.jpg

After so much hardcore spicy food, we need a pit stop. We ordered our self a glass home cook lemon grass juice and also a glass of Thai Ice lemon Tea. The ice lemon tea taste pretty normal but the lemon grass juice taste so refreshing.

asian terrace - 18.jpg
Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chili Sauce – RM49+

Just the way I like it, this fish is steamed to perfection. The size is just right for a table of 4. The set back is that here with the nice deco and air conditioned environment, the old school charcoal heated pan is not suitable to use here.

asian terrace - 19.jpg
Home Made Roasted Duck With Thai Chili Sauce – RM23+

asian terrace - 21.jpg

The roasted duck were deep fried and cut into small pieces then laden on with sauteed home made chili sauce. It taste a bit like our Chinese Ku Lou Yoke but crunchier. The sauce also is good to go with rice.

asian terrace - 20.jpg
Asian Terrace Thai Green Curry Chicken – RM18+

Another signature dish for Thai Food. The version of green curry here is slightly thicker than what you can have outside. This is due to the spice and ingredients were heavily used. In Cantonese word “LOK CHONG LIU”. Put KOW KOW! ingredients. Every spoon of the curry will make you want more!


asian terrace - 22.jpg
Pineapple Fried Rice – RM15+

Expected from a good Thai Chef, the pineapple fried rice were fried pretty good. Enough “WOK HEI” and evenly fried up to every grain of it. This is base on my taste bud. Some of you may have different view towards pineapple fried rice.

asian terrace - 23.jpg
Pandan Chicken – RM19+

asian terrace - 25.jpg

Every piece of the pandan chicken were well marinated and fried to perfection without making it too dry. The meat all were still juicy and tender.

asian terrace - 26.jpg
Fresh Thai Mango With Sticky Rice – RM15+

For dessert, we opt for the sticky rice with mango. This need some time to prepare as they cook it from scratch. The rice is soft and a dip into the coconut milk makes it so rich. The mango is seasonal though. If you are lucky you get a very sweet mango and makes the overall plate of sticky rice fly!

From all the pictures you see above, you can tell that the food presented here were all quality food. So give it a try!

By the way, they are featured in The Star Metro newspaper too. Click on the picture below to enlarge.

Place: Asian Terrace Restaurant

Location : Solaris, Mont Kiara
GPS Coordinate : N3 10.473 E101 39.598
Location Maps :

View Food POI in a larger map

Address : No.1, Ground Floor, Jalan Solaris 2, Solaris Mont Kiara, Off Jalan Duta Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Contact No : 03-6204 9100
Website :
Business Hour : Noon to Midnight
Off Day : Monday
Food Type: Authentic Thai and Vietnamese Food
Price: Reasonable
Payment Terms : Cash / Credit Card
Cleanliness Votes : 5/5
Food Votes : 5/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Smoking and non smoking zone : Yes
Tax :
Recommended Foods : Thai and Vietnamese Food

Recommended Drinks : Lemongrass Juice

Set-lunch promotion from RM9.90++ to RM21.90++ per person, with free soup and free flow of drink.

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