Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Grill To Perfection at Eccucino

eccucino bbq - 16.jpg
Plenty of radishes to go along with your grill …. this makes your meal more appetizing and not just oily stuff all the way

eccucino bbq - 17.jpg
Wood fire pizza available upon ala carte order ….. You should order the Quasadillas or Tortilla …. If it is made by the Exec Chef DJ, then you are in luck! He made a killer quasadillas. The best I had in my life!

For girls or some guy who don’t like much of a heavy weight meal, you can indulge yourself with their choice of fresh sushi, sashimi and oyster.

eccucino bbq - 06.jpg
Ahhhh …… glorious prawns lining up for you to pick them

eccucino bbq - 07.jpg
Care for a slurp of oyster? Eat all you can !

eccucino bbq - 08.jpg
Assorted sushi