Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Grill To Perfection at Eccucino


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The line above looks attractive? Read on …….

Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur recently organized a BBQ buffet in their Eccucino every Wednesday night!. Calling all meat, sushi and BBQ lovers …… at RM88++ per adult you can feast on a variety of mouthwatering grill specialties from Grill section of the buffet – all grilled to perfection!

eccucino bbq - 01.jpg

Everything you see here can be grilled. All were unmarinated and all you need to do is just pass the meat you pick and tell them what is your preference whether spicy or non spicy. They will do the job and create a hell of a grill for you. Guaranty you will smack your lips on those meats.

eccucino bbq - 18.jpg
Tiger Prawns and Slipper Lobster

eccucino bbq - 19.jpg
Thick Cut Salmon ….. you can have it as sashimi too …. such thick cut as sashimi? Let’s party!

eccucino bbq - 20.jpg
Left : Tenderloin Beef and Right T Bone

eccucino bbq - 21.jpg

Some smoking peppers!

eccucino bbq - 02.jpg
Roast capcicum and vege

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21 thoughts on “Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Grill To Perfection at Eccucino

  1. ck lam

    This bbq buffet really covers a lot of other varieties beside the bbq items….the oysters and sushi was good.
    Nice for a revisit again lor 🙂

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