Penang Coconut Jelly

Penang is a very humid place as it is surrounded by the ocean. In the afternoon, when the sun is on top of our head, you can feel the heat is much hotter than any other place in the peninsula Malaysia. To cool myself down, usually I will go and dig for Lorong Aboo Sitee’s Fresh Pandan Anba Coconut drink. That was the past …. Now I found something which is better and much tastier.

penang coconut jelly - 06.jpg


My post is still showing Manjung Jelly coz when I first visit them with CK (Thanks for the treat and this nice recommendation), it is still under the old brand name. JOEL or he preferred to be known as JOE is the new person incharge of the whole company. He then rebrand this Manjung Jelly to Penang Coconut Jelly.

The coconut jelly is made from 100% fresh pandan coconut which you can see in actual size is a bit smaller than normal coconut. But when you drink the water inside, there are pandan taste in it. This is perfect to turned into coconut jelly as it acts as a natural flavoring for the jelly.

penang coconut jelly - 07.jpg

The coconut are machine cut and shaved. Then they manually do the little opening on top to add in some secret ingredients (trade secret. sorry cannot disclose) which solidify the coconut juice into jelly. Don’t worry the secret ingredients are HALAL and approved by the health ministry standards.

penang coconut jelly - 03.jpg
Then it is keep in fridge maintaining -2 degrees

penang coconut jelly - 11.jpg
Fresh cold pandan coconut …. Yummy!

penang coconut jelly - 12.jpg
See how soft is the jelly ….. It is almost close to jello softness but slightly a bit harder

penang coconut jelly - 13.jpg

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