The Wok Cafe – Authentic Penang Nyonya & Local Cuisine

After I visit Big Brother Western Food for the second time, I take a drive to the new shop lots behind to see what new restaurants going to open. To my surprise at the middle of the second row just right behind Big Brother. The Wok Cafe looks like a traditional baba and nyonya house from outside. I went there 2 times to prepare for this review.

the wok kota damansara nyonya food pj - 19.jpg

With so full feeling, I return to The Wok Cafe the next day.

Though the restaurant doesn’t have much customers at first, I just brace myself to go in and try out their foods. You won’t know when you will get a good food like what I had in Big Brother and Bangkok Wasabe. That’s why never judge a book by its cover.

Being a father (Uncle Robert Yeoh) and sonĀ  (Mervyn Yeoh)team from Penang specializing in home cook authentic Penang style Nyonya Cuisine for the past 15 years, they join forces to hands on to cook for every customers that patron here. They list down their specialties like Perut Ikan, Lor Bak (Pork Rolls), Hong Bak (Pork Stew), Curry Kapitan Chicken, Inche Kabin, Gulai Tumis Fish, Tamarind Prawns (Asam Prawns), Pork Cincalok, Kiam Chai Ark (Preserved Salted Vege Duck Soup), Kerabu Mango, Jiu Hu Char and a lot more. Those listed were what a normal nyonya food restaurant would serve and they have it all !

The Restaurant Setup and Ambiance

The restaurant were decorated the old school way with plenty of antiques being displayed. Those with price tags were available for sale. All the tables were those old chinese marble top with a wooden carved leg plus the old wooden chairs.

the wok kota damansara nyonya food pj - 01.jpg

the wok kota damansara nyonya food pj - 02.jpg

the wok kota damansara nyonya food pj - 03.jpg

The small piece of mirror which clinged on the big mirror was a collection items. It has Marilyn Monroe picture embeded inside. According to the father, that piece of small mirror is worth RM6000+. The mirror was from the Elvis Presley time.

the wok kota damansara nyonya food pj - 04.jpg

the wok kota damansara nyonya food pj - 05.jpg

the wok kota damansara nyonya food pj - 06.jpg Antique clock. It doesn’t move anymore.

the wok nyonya and penang food at dataran sunway kota damansara pj - 01.jpg Kitchen entrance

Next ….. Here Comes The Food …..

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