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Early of the year, I was driving around The Strand Damansara which is a newly developed commercial area to checkout any new restaurants coming. Then I found the only restaurant that opens which facing the main road was BIG BROTHER. I was wondering what do the name means and tell my self give people a chance eventhough the restaurant does not have any customer.To me as a foodie and also a Penangites, we had a bad habit. We never step into a place that doesn’t have crowd. Don’t you agree more? I was their 13th customer after they opened for the second day when I pay them a visit.

This time, it really proves me wrong! Never judge a book by its cover. This restaurant serves you a hell good of western foods. It makes you crave for more after you try them.


You may not able to notice the shop at it is built slightly higher. You will first notice ONKING when you come straight from the Sri Selangor Golf Club. They are just a stone throw away. But with Adi’s (The Boss) idea, he made a very bright sign board at night. It glows very bright and very attractive and easy to spot. If you still can’t find it, as around where is the new Alliance Bank. They are a few doors away.

The Current Decoration Of The Restaurant

Few months back when they started

Party setup for 20 pax or more is possible here

Next ….. The Food and Drinks


For my drinks, I ordered myself an Iced Cafe Latte. They are using illy brand for their coffee beans. You can expect a good brew here.

Iced Illy Cafe Latte

Besides gourmet coffee, they have plenty of mocktails too. I like their Islanders Dream which is a mixture of Sprite, Monin and Pineapple cubes. It is truly refreshing.

Islanders Dream MocktailRating 4/5 at RM6.90

Beside this, they are a lot choices more as they have a special menu book just for their drinks.

Next ….. The Food


When coming to the food part, you may feel lost when you flipped thru their menu. My advice, try everything that have the word “BIG BROTHER ……” in front. All those were their specialties are real good. They have 1 each from their category.

For my starter, I ordered their Herdy Nachos which comprises of Nachos with melted mozarella cheese on top and eat together with their daily special salsas. The first time I visit them, I get a pineapple salsa which taste very good. Then on second time I get a onion salsa which taste pretty good too. Every dish that they serve come with decorations like what hotel did. FYI. The chef were former Shangri La KL’s chef. So you can expect some good quality foods prepared in the high standard of cleanliness and quality here.

Herdy Nachos – Rating 4/5 at RM7.90

Home Made Pineapple Salsa – Rating 5/5

Then I ordered for their mushroom soup. The soup came with 3 pcs of toasted garlic bread with some cheese sprinkle on top. The soup although prepared in home made style, it doesn’t give me much of a kick, Maybe I like my soup to taste stronger.

Home Made Mushroom Soup – Rating 3/5 at RM5.90

Garlic Bread with cheese sprinkled on top – Rating 4/5

The main course which I ordered on various times I revisit.

Big Brother Special Home Made Burger – Rating at 4/5 RM16.90

This is what we called good gourmet burger. The beef patty were done medium rare without losing its juice. You have to tell them how well you want them to cook. That piece of beef do weight quarter pound and this plate is really filling as it was accompany with either the choice of french fries or mash potato and also home made coleslaw.

More Foods ……..

Big Brother Special Gratin Chicken With Brown Mushroom Sauce – Rating 4/5 at RM16.90

This chicken was done pretty special. It is grilled and then send in to oven for topping it up with cheese and then poured the special brown mushroom sauce over it. It is accompany with a scoop of coleslaw and thin french fries. The result ! Mamma Mia ! Lips smacking taste! By the way I just had this yesterday.

Medium Rare Sirloin Steak – Rating 4/5 at RM28.90

This was a surprise to me when I first ordered them. The steak were just grilled medium rare the way I want it. Muslims pretty particular about blood that drips out from their piece of meat. The chef were so skillful and able to grill the meat to just the right timing and the inner meat still look pink color and still juicy without any blood sign. Kudos to the chef!

By looking at it, it made me drool ~~

My friend, Big Boys Oven did went with me once and some other time by themselves to try various other dishes like John Dory Fish Roll Over and Meatballs. Checkout their write up for more food.

Place: Restoran Big Brother – Big Brother Restaurant & Grill, Western Cuisine & Catering

Location : The Strand Kota Damansara
GPS Coordinate : N3 09.248 E101 35.527
Location Maps :

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Address : No. 3G, 3-1, Jalan 5/20, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damasara, PJU5, 47810, Selangor
Contact No : 012 211 5190 – Hadi
Website :
Business Hour : 10am to 11pm
Off Day : Monday (For now daily open till further notice)
Food Type: Western Food and Grill
Price: Every Item Below RM30
Payment Terms : Cash
Cleanliness Votes : 4/5
Food Votes : 5/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Halal : YES
Smoking and non smoking zone : YES
Tax : 5% Service
Recommended Foods : Any items that start with the word “BIG BROTHER ….” in front

Recommended Drinks : Variety number of mock tails

Every item is below RM30. The cheapest and finest hotel grade western foods.

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35 thoughts on “Restoran Big Brother – Big Brother Restaurant & Grill, Western Cuisine & Catering

  1. Hasher

    Reviews & pictures are very professional…I like the inclusion of the GPS co ordinates.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Deborah

    Was looking for a new place to try out in Kota Damansara area. After reading your blog, went there with the family last night. Service was a bit slow. One of our orders got missing. Guess they were not expecting the big crowd last night. Food wise, value for money but nothing to shout about.

    Deborahs last blog post..Robbery in Taman Maluri

    1. email2me Post author

      Deborah : I got what you mean …. I sometimes face that too when their staff last minute went on leave according to the owner coz I am pretty regular here.

  3. erissa deianeira

    hi.. me and my bf went to big brother yesterday (after I visit this web). we both like to try new places to eat.
    it’s not hard to find the restaurant. when we arrived at around 1pm, there are 2 families there. we ordered charbroiled chicken and r/over tortilla.. and it’s tastylisious. even the chilli sause taste different. wonder what brand they are using. the price are also reasonable.. it’s like Malaysian version of Chillis.. 😉 now we are big brother’s fan.. and hope to visit the restaurant again

  4. Aaron Cheah

    I dine with the whole family last night and the food is excellent. Will dine again with some smart cars owners soon.

  5. Olyn

    Hi all,
    Iwent there with my Sunny (bf) there last weekend, the food was great and the price is reasonable. Overall we satisfied with the service, price and the big portion meals….
    We’ll add to our fav food places.


  6. nadia anton

    hey ya’ll…i was advised by a friend to try this out…but since i a fan of only commercialized western american food, i was having double thoughts about this place….

    until i tasted their food….

    i have been to the restaurant 2 times for the past 1 week….wow!!

    they have big american plates….you could share with anyone…and their food are amazingly homemade kind of food it is true i have to come for more! amazingly the owner is a malaysian ( so ive heard) and i dont want to say this but i have too!….i do compare them to tgif now!

    enjoy guys! oh pls pls pls try their nanchos! the combination of cheeses! may god bless u all!

  7. Joe

    The food is shit. Has the management changed?

    The mushroom soup looks nothing like the photo in your post. It’s the same shit you get at Pizza Hut.

    The mushroom sauce has the same powdery taste as the mushroom soup.

    The mash potato is obviously from powder as well.

    A waste of time and money. Shit.


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