Lingzie Tummy Treats! – One Of The Pioneer Penang Food Blogger

Lately I got kinda bored writing about foods. So I think about something special which could benefit our Food Blogger communities. This is the first time I write about featuring some other food blogs. To me I see food blogs are built for sharing information on where to eat and even can make some new friends through out the experience of eating. Meeting restaurant owners and other food bloggers who are behind the show are the fun part.

The first Penang food blogger who I met was Lingzie somewhere last year. It was a quick one though which done last minute a week before the official first Penang Food Blogger meetup. Although we met for the first time, we don’t feel we are strangers and straight talk to the the topic …. FOOD!

Her lovely cute pinkish blog

She is a very sweet tooth type of person as you can see from her blog …. big big hints already XD and also a big fans for good quality chocolates. With her passion willing to travel for the sake of food, I really salute her as a fellow food blogger. She can even pay money to go for gourmet tour.

Her Passion Into Foods ……..

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