Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe at 1 Utama

Lately more and more concept stalls came out in the food industry. Somewhere last year there are a new type of restaurant which sells decoration items and foods. It is like you are dining in the middle of people’s showroom and at the same time can buy what ever you can see there. 1 Utama recently has a new outlet called itself GARDEN LIFESTYLE STORE & CAFE.

It is located just at the side of the escalator in the new wing and beside PUMA outlet. At first I thought it is just some kind of decorations by the shopping mall or a florist shop. So got one day while I try to kill some time, I just walk in and check it out with my friends who came here for food trip. This post will not have any food and mainly focus on its nice ambiance.

The Hallway towards the cafe

Garden Decorations Concept …. This is what they called too!

This place doesn’t have a good food for me to go try out after I read the review from Kampungboy Citygal’s post. So we just went in to have a drink and camwhore kow kow !

Front Door Entrance

The pastries on the chair and tray are edible. Not for display.

More Pastries For Sale

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