7atenine Kuala Lumpur Hosts Cuturrufo Jazz Band Live In Malaysia!


14 March, Kuala Lumpur

Cristian Cuturrufo and the Cuturrufo Jazz Band gave all Kuala Lumpur music lovers a taste of pure Chilean passion at SOULEed Out and 7atenine. I was invited thanks to Andrew who gave me this opportunity to be in 7atenine for the first time. Some more come with such a famous Chilean Jazz band which is my type of music.

7atenine - 18.jpg

Brought in to perform in Malaysia for the very first time with the support from the Embassy of Chile, the quintet enthralled the audience with their renditions of Latin Jazz and Jazz Funk, The band incorporated their signature beats to produce an interesting amalgamation of sounds that truly mesmerised the audience who found themselves dancing all night long.

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Before we go further, lemme introduce a bit on 7atenine. This chill out place is under the roof of SOULed out management. Why I don’t call this place a restaurant is due to they emphasize more on the chill out area more than dining place.

7atenine - 05.jpg
The Entrace of 7atenine

7atenine - 03.jpg

7atenine - 07.jpg
Second Floor For Casual Dining

7atenine - 15.jpg
Inner bar look

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