Kechara Oasis – The New Age Vegetarian Restaurant

Hidden in the car park area of Jaya One, there’s a new restaurant opened for business on 21st Jan 2009. It is just 4 days before Chinese New Year of Year 2009. It was Kechara Oasis, a fine dining vegetarian restaurant.  This is the first of its kind in Malaysia. Usually when you visit vegetarian restaurant, it will look like a normal outlet without much of a decorations and foods prepared rather plain. Kechara serve Chinese, Tibetan, Vietnamese and Western vegetarian styles food which makes them so unique. Now who say pure vegetarian people don’t have good foods?

I got invited from Melissa (Citrine One S/B). Thanks Melissa for the invite. It was an grand opening lunch session. Many of the guest were from Media like RTM, The Star, China Press, Sin Chew and etc.

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Lush Tibetan Interior Design

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