CLOSED : Food Tasting Session at Cova, The Gardens Mid Valley Megamall

We all at Food Point Of Interest would like to wish your Happy Chinese New Year and Chap Goh Meh.

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This year in 2009, I had the best Chinese New Year celebration ever with plenty of foods, sessions, events and I broke my personal record of having the most “LOU SANG” sessions in my entire life. I had 14 times to date. Every sessions bring a special memorable moments especially with other blogger and foodies.

Enough of Chinese New Year stuffs and this coming Saturday is the Valentines day turn. The day for all the couples around the world to go play candle light dinner.


This is my sets of Momiji Valentine Dolls which I bought after saw Masak-Masak’s post on this. All these dolls were limited edition collection items which is hand painted by Kong Soo who was an art college graduate from Malaysia in UK. I’ll show you all the rest of my dolls later …… Back to food ….. 😛

The day before I went to Kechara Oasis for a new restaurant launching, I was invited by Joshua for a session at Cova located at The Gardens Mid Valley Mega Mall.


I arrive there around 8pm and saw Sidney with CS who host us at Bondi Beach. Not long after that, a group of people came and most of them were the one who attended the Bondi Beach session.

The restaurant is designed for dining and chill out at the same time. They serve food from Asian to western foods and also having a fully equipped bar for booze after eat. The bartender is skillful enough to make you any drinks which you normally get from pub.

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This place also came with free WIFI* service and good for business discussions as the environment are pretty quite. *Get the WEP key from the waiter

We were served with cocktail selections and hot drinks from their menu as a start.

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12 thoughts on “CLOSED : Food Tasting Session at Cova, The Gardens Mid Valley Megamall

  1. email2me Post author

    Selba : The bartender is very pro in making coffee and mixing cocktails …. nice environment for biz discussion and writing blogs.

    CK : Ya … and with my super heavy camera, cannot tahan long taking picture.

    Food Paradise : Just drop me an email when you come …. Or you can join Jason & Gill on their trip which they regularly come down for food trip. * I am the food tour guide. XD

  2. email2me

    Rebecca : hahaha … got what you mean …. not all food tasting sessions come in this kind of quantity. *winks*
    The spinach really spelled that way in their menu … Thomas Yap …. another leader for my 2nd makan kakis group.

    Cariso : ya lo …. need skillful bartender to do that 🙂


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