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Published on February 25th, 2009 | by email2me


COCA Restaurant at Subang Parade [Thai Food]

Earlier last week, I got an invitation from BBO Sunny Yaw, to join him for dinner at Subang Parade. It was a food tasting session at COCA Restaurant.

coca subang parade 01.jpg

Main Entrance to Coca Restaurant

coca subang parade 48.jpg

Nicely decorated hall way which leads into the main banquet hall of Coca Restaurant

coca subang parade 31.jpg

Thai Sculptures

Basically when you talk about the COCA name, the first thing that would come into your mind would be medium to high end steamboat right? They are already in food and beverage business since 1957 where our country just got the independence. More about their history can be read from their corporate website.

coca subang parade 02.jpg
Andrea the Marketing Manager for COCA Malaysia briefing us their new strategy

Andrea, the Marketing Manager of Coca Restaurants Malaysia told us COCA’s new strategy of diversifying their business into ala-carte from their traditional steamboat menu. All the ingredients that used in the food preparation for the ala-carte menu are fresh from the aquarium. You can trust on the freshness on the seafood served here.

coca subang parade 05.jpg
Deep Fried Mussels – RM12 Rating 4/5
Deep fried mussel in batter served with salad sauce

coca subang parade 06.jpg

coca subang parade 03.jpg
Tamarind Style Prawn – Market Price 100g RM18 Rating 3/5
Stir fried fresh prawn in hot & spicy tamarind sauce

coca subang parade 03.jpg
Mango Salad – RM15.80 Rating 4/5
Slice sour mango with peanut, dried shrimp & spicy lime sauce

This mango salad is my famous all time favorite Thai appetizer. At COCA, you can be assured to get the same exact taste which you eat in Thailand. It is not too sour and not too spicy. Just perfect !

coca subang parade 08.jpg
Broccoli Prawns – Market Price RM16 per 100gram – Rating 3/5
Stir fried broccoli with prawns

coca subang parade 12.jpg
Pandan Chicken – 2pcs at RM8.80 Rating 4/5
Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaf

The pandan chicken here is a must to try. It is well marinated and deep fried to perfection.

coca subang parade 11.jpg

coca subang parade 18.jpg
This is the best dish of the night …. Steamed Jade Fish in Thai Style – Market Price RM17 per 100gram Rating 5/5
The fish is steamed with Thai fish sauce, garlic, lime and chili padi made it taste so good and appetizing

coca subang parade 16.jpg

coca subang parade 14.jpg

coca subang parade 13.jpg
Coca Mini Bun – RM1.80 per piece Rating 3/5

coca subang parade 15.jpg
Coca Curry Live Crab – Market Price RM12 per 100 gram Rating 4/5
Live crab cooked in Coca’s famous curry.

coca subang parade 17.jpg

coca subang parade 21.jpg
Crab Sauce Dip for the Bun

coca subang parade 19.jpg
Apple Juice – RM12.90

coca subang parade 10.jpg
Ice Kacang – RM9.80 Rating 4/5

coca subang parade 20.jpg

coca subang parade 29.jpg
Thai Light Curry With Ginger Jade Fish – RM17 Market Price per 100gram Rating 3/5

coca subang parade 26.jpg
Fresh Mango with Glutinous Rice and Durian Paste – RM23.80 Rating 4/5

coca subang parade 27.jpg
Tub Thim Krub – Water chestnut with coconut milk and jackfruit – RM7.50 Rating 4/5

coca subang parade 28.jpg
Steam Tapioca with coconut milk – RM10 Rating 3/5

coca subang parade 30.jpg
Tartelette Citron Meringue – FREE baked by BBO Rating 3/5

Camwhore + More Pictures On The Location

coca subang parade 22.jpg

Myself and Sunny Yaw ….. This crab is really fresh!

coca subang parade 23.jpg
Ivan – My coleaque and Rebecca

coca subang parade 24.jpg

See we clear the plate? lol ….

coca subang parade 25.jpg

coca subang parade 07.jpg
Bigboysoven with Andrea [The Marketing Manager for COCA]

coca subang parade 49.jpg
Sunny Yaw

coca subang parade 32.jpg

coca subang parade 33.jpg

coca subang parade 34.jpg

coca subang parade 35.jpg

coca subang parade 36.jpg

coca subang parade 37.jpg

coca subang parade 38.jpg

coca subang parade 39.jpg

coca subang parade 40.jpg

coca subang parade 41.jpg

coca subang parade 42.jpg

coca subang parade 43.jpg
Live Oyster!

coca subang parade 44.jpg

coca subang parade 45.jpg

coca subang parade 47.jpg

coca subang parade 50.jpg

Place: COCA Restaurant

Location : Subang Parade
GPS Coordinate : N3 04.945 E101 35.192
Location Maps :

View Larger Map

Address : Lot G28, Level G, Subang Parade, 5, Jalan SS16/1 Subang Jaya 47500 Petaling Jaya
Contact No : Tel: 03 5632 8766
Website :
Business Hour : 11am to 10pm
Off Day :
Food Type: Authentic Thai Food and Premium Steamboat
Price: Reasonable
Payment Terms : Cash / Credit Card
Cleanliness Votes : 4/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Smoking and non smoking zone : None
Tax : 5% Gov and 10% Service
Recommended Foods : Ala carte Authentic Thai Cuisines. Checkout the foods above …. all were their specialties


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10 Responses to COCA Restaurant at Subang Parade [Thai Food]

  1. ya ya ya..the ais kacang realllllyyyy good!

    thenomadGourmands last blog post..A Taste Boutique, Red Velvet Cake and Recipe

  2. allie says:

    Wow! That’s real lots of dishes you’ve tried out. Yummy…

    allies last blog post..Penang Hawker Food | Duck Drumstick Mee Suah @ Sg. Pinang

  3. email2me says:

    Rebecca : Couldn’t agree more XD

    Allie : It is lor ….

    Leslie : The Muscles are very tasty and worth the price … pay COCA a visit and the price mention here is their menu price. You’ll get the same thing served as shown on this review.

  4. nicktay says:

    Ooohhh…looks tempting

  5. ck lam says:

    The food looks appetizing especially the curry crab but prices for the drinks are a bit expensive.

  6. 17 bucks per 100gm????

    that fish can buy u normal soon hock liao..

    lotsofcravingss last blog post..BBQ @ Home

  7. email2me says:

    nick : it is tasty …..

    ck : The crab is fantastic and the curry powder doesn’t over power the freshness of the crab. So you can taste the crab’s meat sweetness

    joe : Ya lo …. but it is worth the price and taste very appetizing

  8. andrew says:

    ampang burger!!!! LOL +D ramleeeeeeeeee~

  9. andrew says:

    how was penang trip?? LOL time for burger!!

  10. grace says:

    i’ve never tasted thai food before but that’s one thing i promise to do before i die. i’ve heard so much about the rich spicy taste of thai food.

    come to think of it, i think the only reason why i’ve never eaten thai food is because there are no thai restaurants in my city. there are many japanese, korean and chinese restaurants but no thai restaurants

    graces last blog post..SMOM a Smaller Country than the Vatican

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