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This is a belated post. I had problem trying to post this article up as the New Year 2009 is not a good start for me. First incident was Food POI down due to the WordPress 2.7 screw up some codes with my theme which resulted my account disabled by Bluehost. Then last Friday my Macbook’s motherboard dead and currently sent for warranty. What a year to start with. Enough of those little rants and move on to more happy stuffs.

On 2008 Xmas eve, I got invited by Sidney from Big Boys Oven to join him for a celebration party at Souled Out, Desa Sri Hartamas. The events media coverage was arranged by Alice George Communications. Thanks for inviting us to this session.

souled out xmas eve 46.jpg

souled out xmas eve 47.jpg

We arrive there around 8+ and we were kinda late compared to the rest of the patrons which already fully occupied the tables. Before you enter the restaurant, you may notice a huge Xmas tree which made by empty bottle of Heineken’s Beer bottles just opposite the entrance. It is well light up and looks very shiny.

souled out xmas eve 27.jpg

souled out xmas eve 28.jpg

When we walk in, we saw everybody is wearing a mask. Then we head to our table which is just next to the entrance. The theme for the celebration of the night is A CHIC MAGICAL MASQUERADE PARTY!

souled out xmas eve 36.jpg

souled out xmas eve 18.jpgAgenda Of The Night

The whole restaurants were transformed into a Venetial ballroom base on Italian design. The whole restaurant was full house that night and the crowd still coming in eventhough is full. Most of the patrons were expatriates with their family members.

souled out xmas eve 31.jpgView at the bar counter

souled out xmas eve 32.jpgAll seats were taken

souled out xmas eve 22.jpg

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  1. Great Christmas u had there Ken!

  2. Selba says:

    An interesting Christmas party with a mask theme 🙂

  3. ck lam says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice party night outing…
    How come you did not get your own photo taken…I could only see Sidney.

  4. email2me says:

    rebecca : Yea it is nice but very tiring ….. too old to party so hiong oledi …. 😛

    duckie : yea

    Selba : My first time attending this kind of party and it is fun

    CK : I am the camera man …… and forgot to camwhore that night cause busy hogging down the turkey and lobster bisque.

  5. Ken! Ken ! Ken ! where is that picture of you with the Zorro mask! hi Ha!

  6. wat a great night out you had. Btw, the web seem like having problem on loading all the pictures. I can only manage to see first few pictures but not the rest.

  7. email2me says:

    BBO : shhhhhh dun leak out my secret!

    Steven : I think your line got problem. I already made the post multi page for faster loading.

  8. ck lam says:

    Ken…so where is that picture of yours, MR ZORRO…let us have a look.

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