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Published on January 2nd, 2009 | by email2me


New Year Card From Foodbuzz

Happy New Year to all Food POI readers and other foodies around the globe. Early in the morning, I received an envelope on me table all the way from USA. I get so excited coz everytime whenever I receive envelopes from US, it is mostly cheque from Google or some other ads network.

The first thing I saw when open up the envelope, I saw a piece of card with printed photo at the front. All the peoples in the photo I never see or met them before.


Then I open up and read where do this came from.

foodbuzz2After reading that, I was like OMG! They are the peoples behind foodbuzz-logo

Thanks foodbuzz and Happy New Year 2009 to the management and staff!!!

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12 Responses to New Year Card From Foodbuzz

  1. email2me says:

    Steven : Got …. It is just that our TMNUTS line got problem to connect to my server which hosted in North America. Our submarine line down is the cause of a lot people cannot access my site.

  2. allenooi says:

    wah… suddenly change to so simple theme? shock me at first, i thought i click the wrong link and come to a different blog.

  3. allenooi : no la ….. database just recover from a nasty crash! now rebuilding it.

  4. Ah Shui says:

    Hi Ken, happy new year to you! where r u now?

  5. email2me says:

    In office lo …. busy repairing my blog =.=”

    Crash last week.

  6. irel says:

    hello dropping by from EC, where’s your EC widget?tc

  7. Nate says:

    Such a small staff for such a big operation!

    I too was wondering what happened to the site. Hope you get everything fixed up!

  8. Ah Shui says:

    haha…ah boey settle? an zua?

  9. email2me says:

    Nate : Thanks … appreciate that …

    Ah Shui : About to be done lor ….. I wanna keep this simple design. Working on something behind now. Later the blog will become even better! 😉

  10. Ah Shui says:

    Oi sei…waiting for ur new and geng eh blog la…new year new blog design..hmm, great! everything new..hahaha

  11. haha I did receive one 3 days ago too. I wrote a post about it too hehe! Foodbuzz is really sincere about all the publisher, I just joined them 1 month ago. 🙂

    Foodpoi, do you mind to do a link exchange with me? 🙂

  12. William says:

    Hi Ken,

    Happy belated new year btw!

    I was thinking of joining the food buzz community… but do I join as a normal community member or as a ‘featured publisher’?

    Because it says to click that link when you already have your own food blog…

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