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Published on January 20th, 2009 | by email2me


Affordable & Specialist in Lobster Cuisine, The Lobsterman [Homarus Americanus]

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lobsterman 02.jpgAppetiser – Pickled Cucumber and Carrots

lobsterman 14.jpgEssential Utensils For Lobster Eating – On the left is for digging the legs and the right as usual for the claw netflix auf windows 7en. You use your mobile phones if it has the weights …. hahahaha ……..

lobsterman 01.jpgHow To Eat Lobster In 7 Steps

Price are eminently reasonable – a 700 gram lobster goes for RM108 Download apps samsung watch. Yet better value are the set lunches going from RM25 to RM32 sara tool. This is mainly meant for individual. A full course Couple and family sets also available at an affordable price which is RM128 and RM218 with cyberghost.

Both of the set lunches start of with a lobster bisque.

lobsterman 13.jpg
Lobster Bisque – Rating 3/5

lobsterman 17.jpg
Braised Yee Mee with Prawns and Lobster – Rating 4/5

lobsterman 18.jpg

lobsterman 19.jpg
Steam Lotus Leaf Lobster Rice – Rating 4/5

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15 Responses to Affordable & Specialist in Lobster Cuisine, The Lobsterman [Homarus Americanus]

  1. Duckie says:

    wow .. sounds good and looks good too!!

    Duckies last blog post..Chinese New Year Cookies

  2. email2me says:

    Duckie : Ya …. this is real good. At RM35 you can taste lobster already 😀

  3. allie says:

    RM 35 for one whole lobster? That’s real cheap..
    Normally they sell it per gram ler…

    allies last blog post..Penang Food | Toasted Bread @ Joo Leong Cafe

  4. email2me says:

    Allie : not whole ler ….. just 1/3 only. They cook it into your set lunch.

  5. ck lam says:

    Tak boleh tahan…I want to visit this place. I have mark it in my makan list to try the Shelter’s Garlic Lobster since you give it a 5/5 rating.
    Would be nice if we could go together lor…

    ck lams last blog post..Hokkien Mee with Pork Knuckle @Presgrave Street

  6. wow…. really nice foods. I agree with CK, the Shelter’s Garlic Lobster really looks delicious leh. yum! Yum!

    FoOd PaRaDiSes last blog post..Pusat Makan & Minum Eng Sin @ Perak Road

  7. email2me says:

    CK : can …. my office just 5 mins away only. 😀

    Food Paradise : no one beats Hong Kie in preparing lobster dishes. They are just good !

  8. email2me says:

    sean : make sure your wallet thick enough before you order other things beside the sets 😀

  9. sean says:

    foodpoi, nvm la.. cny angpow.. see got how much first.. chap goh meh go la.. haha

  10. Justin says:

    wah the lobster so BIG. I never try lobster in my life before, everytime i get to see nia…. its just too expensive for me. Wait till i win toto this year first hehe

  11. This looks awesome!! But…. I am wary of using apparatus when feasting on crustacean! I always end up using it wrongly or hurting someone!

    550ml jar of faiths last blog post..Feeding season begins at Green View, SS2

  12. Criz Lai says:

    I’m thinking of those cooked with Chinese wine now.. haha 😛

    Happy “Niu” Year to you and all in the family. May this year be a healthy, wealthy and prosperous year for everyone. 🙂

    Criz Lais last blog post..CHINESE NEW YEAR WISHES

  13. Walio, eat one person onli . . . . .. . . . . . . I want, I want!

    Big Boys Ovens last blog post..

  14. must book mark your page and try it out one day 😛

  15. WAN says:

    i looking for lobster.. i want to buy lobster.. where can i buy it.. im really need lobster.. please..

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