Wagyu Beef Yakiniku at Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

When we talk about BBQ beef, first to come into your mind would be Korean BBQ right? This is because the number of Korean BBQ restaurants are rapidly increasing by day. If we want to go for “Authentic Japanese Style“, I don’t think there are many offered in KL. Or should I say even Malaysia.

This is what give an inspiration to Mr Stanley Yeoh the owner cum MD to start Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant back in 1982.

Daidomon are originally started as a family business in Singapore and then brought over by Stanley to Malaysia. Today Daidomon are well established as one of the biggest Japanese BBQ restaurant in KL which occupies 7200sqft with 7 VIP ROOMS and no problem to accomodate 300 pax at any one time.This is ideal for the surrounding corporate companies to host private functions here. All you need to do is just provide them your budget per pax and they will do the rest.

Inter connected VIP Rooms

Modern Interior Design


Table Setup

Each of the tables come with a high tech table which have a good exhaust system and it differs withΒ  what you see in other Korean restaurants which have plenty of exhaust pipes dangling around. Such a system is required to make the whole restaurant remains comfortable when all the tables were fully occupied. Imagine you smell like a piece of walking beef after eating ? The environment here are totally different! Even with full house capacity, it won’t be stuffy and level of air cleanliness and room temperature
will be at the comfortable level.

All the beef were BBQ on a high grade charcoal as you can see from the pictures. It is not those conventional char koey teow charcoal which its ashes fly around when burned. This is the high grade type which does not emit much smoke and remain high temperature eventhough after hours of burning.

That’s a brief intro on what Daidomon is and we were served with a fantastic starter.

Jelly Fish Tofu Rating 3/5

Soft Shell Spring Roll With Mango Salsa Rating 3/5

Lemon Grass Skewered Salmon with Green-Tea Noodle Rating 4/5 – This is real good ! Recommended To Try! as a starter

This is the man behind the kitchen [Executive Chef Dino P’ng] who are a PRO In Japanese Cuisines which design the foods which served in Daidomon KL. With over 30 years experience in preparing Japanese cuisine plus as former Japanese Chef at Sheraton Subang and director for Kong Lung Japanese Restaurant in Penang,Β  you won’t be disappointed with what Daidomon got to offer on their menu. Trust me! All his creations are good and giving you a hard time to decide which to go for. With such and extensive menu, it is properly designed and pictures illustrated with clear descriptions of the food. Checkout their online menu by CLICKING HERE.

Besides that, Chef Dino also conducts workshops at Daidomon Restaurant for those who wants to learn how to make sushi or cook up an authentic Japanese meal.

Chawan Mushi – Rating 3/5 – Nothing much to shout out about this.

Assorted Sashimi Platter. Just look at the creation. All of them were fresh and if you wanted to taste, the well known Blue Fin Tuna, you can get it here! It is air flown direct from Japan. Rating 4/5

Assorted Nigiri Sushi and Daidomon Special Roll – Rating 4/5 – The Daidomon Special Roll may look like spider maki but it is not. It is a special creations which combine all sorts of taste and as a result, it taste even better.

Just look how fine it is created ….. It is unlike those mass franchised sushi restaurant who doesn’t take much quality consideration of making their sushi which very loose and does not have the consistency.

Then come to the main attraction ….. the WAGYU BEEFS !!! I am going to tell you guys what’s the difference between normal beefs, high grade beefs and premium beefs. Normal beef which we can buy from from super or wet market are grass fed. Those which said imported beefs which you easily obtainable in the super/hyper market was grain fed and the premium quality which is the wagyu are corn fed. More details on the Wagyu/Kobe Beef are available here. The price of a bite at least will cost you RM20!! and cost RM140 per 100 grams if not mistaken. According to Stanley, the perfect level of done for yakiniku is at around 70%.


This is one of the most sought after part which come in a limited quantity per cattle. The toungue.
Rating 5/5 – It is lightly marinated

This is the star of the whole session. The premium Wagyu Tokujo Karubi [Japanese Beef Special Prime Belly] – Rating 5/5 – RM140

Just look at the texture of the meat. It is different from what we see normally in the wet market

On the left is the grain-fed beef, the center is Rosu meat (Strip Loin) and on the right is the ostrich meat!

There are a big difference in terms of the texture for grain-fed vs corn-fed (wagyu). The wagyu are more tender

Ostrich meat …… taste better than chicken

The strip loin or known as Rosu in Japanese Language

This is the lamb nakaochi [Lamb Intercostal Meat]. It is the meat from in between the ribs. How’s the taste? Itchiban !

Stanley is showing us how to we bbq the yakiniku

You can see that the meats were not directly placed on top of the fire. It is slightly on the outer side to prevent it over cook. You have to constantly look at the meat so that it won’t be burned. We are BBQing something very expensive here. A piece of that cost you at least RM20!!

1/2 done or well done?

Home Made Kuro Goma Ice Cream [Black Sesame Ice Cream]

Stanley explaining to us about sake

Daidomon also carries a wide range of Sake and Sochu. Before attending this session, to me sake is just a Japanese liquor which we just simply whack after a sushi and sashimi meal. That proves me wrong. Sake is actually as exquisite as wine. A bottle can easily cost RM500 to thousands of Ringgits.

This bottle cost you RM500!

The special edition sake for this year. The rat illustrate that this year is a year of rat

1 of the special edition sake

This bottle is the most expensive sake in Daidomon which the price is on par with Lafite Wine from France. It comes with a nice wooden box, name plaque and certificate. This is not for sale!

Place:Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Location :Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
GPS Coordinate :N3 09.635 E101 44.216
Location Maps :
View Larger Map

Address :Lot. 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall, No.303, Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur
Contact No : 03-42528155
Website : http://www.daidomon.com.my

Business Hour :
Lunch – 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner – 6.00pm to 10.30pm

Off Day :None
Food Type:Authentic Charcoal Baebeque Japanese Restaurant
Price: Medium to Premium
Payment Terms : Cash/Credit Card
Cleanliness Votes : 5/5
Food Votes : 5/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Halal : NO [This restaurant is pork free]
Smoking and non smoking zone :No
Tax : 5% Gov and 10% Service
Recommended Foods : All sorts of yakiniku …. If you are non beef eater, go for the seafoods

Recommended Drinks : All sorts of Sochu and sake

A great place to hang out and arrange for party/functions. The environment are presentable, service is good and excellent foods quality.

Previously Daidomon was featured on 8TV Hochak! Show too! Checkout the video below

[flv:http://bmt.office-on-the.net/S7_17_p3.flv 570 427]

Additional Pictures :

The hosts of the session. Thanks for the invitation and the good service provided.

See the octopus so big


Credit goes to all the photographer of the session :
Andrew http://www.drewnity.com
Ken http://www.foodpoi.com

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  2. ricphun

    well i was there yesterday with my girlfriend to try it out as they were having 50% discount. we were quite disappointed as the tempura prawns were no where to be found, and not found too was 3 nice juicy prawns dish which were only available for ala-carte but the picture was included in the buffet advertisement. when i ask about the tempura prawns the lady in the reception counter was quite rude, she said it was there and finished. as we were one of the first customer to reach there she said that we didn’t see it. verdict for me is not going there again

    1. email2me Post author

      ricphun : I was there 2 weeks back for the 50%. Why go for the tempura prawns where you can get big prawns for BBQ? We had loads of them.

  3. Jean

    Wow, nice food and nice photos. Too bad it’s in KL. I’m from Penang and we only have 1 yakiniku restaurant here which is KNK Yakiniku. It’s not bad at all, quite authentic. Does Daidomon serve yukke? It’s raw beef with egg yolk, a common appetizer for yakiniku dining. Tried out some yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo. The best is Shotai-en Yakiniku.


    Food is out of this world!


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