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Published on December 14th, 2008 | by email2me


Penang Food Blogger Gathering 3 – Peoples

The excitement from our Penang Food Blogger Gathering 3 does not end yet ….. I have done with the food post and now with the peoples.

gathering3 - 001.jpg

gathering3 - 003.jpg

gathering3 - 015.jpg
Lilian completing her Smoked Salmon Tapas Appetizer with herb/cheese foccacia, freshly baked.

gathering3 - 016.jpg
Walla! Completed the first piece ….

gathering3 - 024.jpg

gathering3 - 025.jpg
Thanks Criz for his chopstick

gathering3 - 028.jpg
Steven Goh

gathering3 - 029.jpg
Steven Goh
‘s GF – Soli ah forgot to ask you your name ;P

gathering3 - 030.jpg
Allen Ooi

gathering3 - 031.jpg

gathering3 - 032.jpg
CK Lam

gathering3 - 033.jpg
The Cat Man

gathering3 - 034.jpg

gathering3 - 035.jpg

gathering3 - 049.jpg

gathering3 - 050.jpg

gathering3 - 051.jpg

gathering3 - 059.jpg

gathering3 - 063.jpg
Jason, Lingzie & Rebbecca

gathering3 - 064.jpg
Lingzie, Min and Lingzie’s Friend

gathering3 - 065.jpg
Testing out each other’s food

gathering3 - 066.jpg

gathering3 - 067.jpg

gathering3 - 068.jpg
Min’s expression …. OMG That’s a lots of food !!

gathering3 - 069.jpg

gathering3 - 075.jpg

gathering3 - 080.jpg

gathering3 - 082.jpg

Steven got trapped with fondue’s tradition … who ever drop the piece of food from his fork into the fondue pot, he/she must kiss once on the partner

gathering3 - 087.jpg
Chit chat session after gawking down so much foods

gathering3 - 088.jpg

gathering3 - 089.jpg

gathering3 - 090.jpg

gathering3 - 091.jpg

Rebbecca, Gill & CK Lam

gathering3 - 092.jpg

Rebbecca, Gill, CK and Jason at the front

gathering3 - 093.jpg

Rebbecca, Gill, CK and me at the front

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3 Responses to Penang Food Blogger Gathering 3 – Peoples

  1. PenangTuaPui says:

    i like the last shot… u look so cute…. you are the man….

    we miss lots of fun liao.. kek sim nia

    PenangTuaPuis last blog post..Hawker Food | Cintra Street Chicken Porridge

  2. cariso says:

    Wow! This post is the greatest! Got to see all the behind-the-post gestures!

    carisos last blog post..Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant (??????)

  3. email2me says:

    PTP : gila …. I am sweating all out for carrying a damn heavy camera ….

    cariso : hehehe ….. all behind the scenes where funny funny stuff can be seen 😀

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