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Published on November 25th, 2008 | by email2me


Food Tasting Session at Crystal Jade Restaurant

Early last week Food POI was invited by a marketing communications company Arcis Communications Sdn Bhd for an exclusive blogger food tasting session. We were invited to dine at Crystal Jade Restaurant at The Gardens, Mid Valley City. I would like to thank Ms. I-Mae from Arcis Comm and Ms Stella To [Special Assistant to the Managing Director of Crystal Jade Concept Holdings]. Myself, Cindy and Silvester attend for this session. Basically Crystal Jade is a Singaporean based company which started back in 1991 and since then have been growing till today as one of the leading F&B company.

This is my first time dining at this restaurant. Before this, I visited their fine dining restaurant Crystal Jade Palace located at Takashimaya, Orchard Road in Singapore. That’s the best Chinese restaurant I had in Singapore. Back here, I am getting the same level of service and quality for their food especially their sharks fin soup.

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 28.jpg
The front entry of the restaurant didn’t give much impressive view of the overall restaurant. We need to walk through a small hall and then only you can see the whole restaurant. It is something like a treasure hunt concept where you walk into the cave and then the treasure is inside.

We were greeted with miniature Terracotta warriors which guarding the dining hall.

crystal jade the gardens midvalley env 06.jpg

crystal jade the gardens midvalley env 05.jpg

The whole restaurant design for this outlet is designed by a Taiwanese designer. They have different country designers for different outlet. It depends on the concept of that particular outlet determine how to design it.

This is actually the main hall with an open kitchen concept where you can see the kitchen from your dining table.

crystal jade the gardens midvalley env 09.jpg


crystal jade the gardens midvalley 25.jpg
Look at that piece of meat ! And the Peking Duck is enjoying its sun tan there ….

We were then been directed to the VIP room where all the bloggers will gather there. There are quite a number of VIP Rooms at this restaurant as it is categorized under family restaurant under their group according to Stella.

crystal jade the gardens midvalley env 02.jpg

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 04.jpg
Table Setup

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 02.jpg
Pickled cucumber for appetizer. I didn’t try it as I don’t like pickled stuffs.

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 03.jpg
Braised Peanuts (3/5)

Then come to our main course, we were served with Peking Duck.

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 06.jpgThe duck is perfectly deep fried into brownish color


crystal jade the gardens midvalley 07.jpg

Look at that crunchy skins …..

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 09.jpg
Steamed pancakes

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 08.jpg
Fried Prawn Crackers

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 10.jpg
The Duck Goes Under The Butcher Knife ….

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 11.jpg
It is just the skin we need for Peking Duck Dish …

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 12.jpg
A spring onion dipped with hoisin sauce is placed on the steamed pancake and folded

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 13.jpg
Rating 3/5 I guess this fella never taste Peking Duck before. He dipped too litle hoisin sauce on the spring onion. If he dipped more, it will taste better. However the duck skin are still crunchy and tasty! A whole duck cost RM65 and 1/2 duck cost RM35

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 14.jpg
Our second dish, we were presented with Braised Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat. The soup base are really good and a little bit of vinegar added into it makes it perfect! Somehow I felt that if we add a bit of Henessy VSOP liquor in would make it taste even better.
Rating 4/5 at RM55

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 15.jpg
Look at the piece of fins … this ain’t no Tong Fun OK? Is a piece of fin

Our third dish is the Pan-Fried Fish Fillet on Bread Toast


crystal jade the gardens midvalley 16.jpg
The Pan-Fried Fillet on Bread Toast is simply put a piece of battered fish with a thin slice of yam at the bottom and nice to be eaten with Mayonaise.
Rating 3/5 at RM28

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 17.jpg
The yam is the piece on top and fish below

Our fourth dish were braised sliced “FA KAU” with Sea Cucumber

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 18.jpg
The “FAR KAU” is a part of the fish. I dunno what’s the term to call it in English so there goes the name in Cantonese. It comes with broccoli and also sea cucumber. Basically the FAR KAU and the sea cucumber does not have any taste or flavor. It depends much on the gravy to make the dish taste good. The gravy come with a strong aroma hence bring out the specialty for this dish. To eat the FAR KAU, we were provided with fork and knife to cut it. Rating 4/5 at RM55

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 19.jpg
When you bite on a piece of FA KAU, it feels like you are biting a piece of squid.

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 20.jpg
Fried Mixed Grain Rice with Assorted Grain in Hot Stone. This rice is the most “HEALTHY” dish we had that night. It is fried till very fragrant and every piece of rice are evenly cooked with a very good “WOK HEI”.
Rating 4/5 at RM20

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 21.jpg

For dessert we are served with Herbal Jelly with Sago & Pomelo topped with mango puree.

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 22.jpg
This is a little bit into Fusion style to suit the younger generations taste bud. Compared to the original style of eating herbal jelly, this taste much better as the mango sweetness cover up the bitter taste of the jelly. The pomelo helps too. Rating 4/5 at RM10.00

Place: Crystal Jade Restaurant

Location : The Gardens, Mid Valley City
GPS Coordinate : N3 07.145 E101 40.538
Location Maps : CLICK HERE
Address :Lot T210, Third Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur
Contact No : 03-2283 3129
Website :http://www.crystaljade.com
Business Hour : Daily 11am to 3.00pm (2.30pm last order) for lunch and 5.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner (10.00pm last order)

Off Day : None
Food Type: Authentic Hong Kong Style Dim Sum, BBQ Items like roast porks & Exquisite Cantonese Cuisine
Price: Medium to High End
Payment Terms : Cash / Credit Card
Cleanliness Votes : 5/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Halal : No
Smoking and non smoking zone : No
Tax : 10% Service and 5% Gov
Recommended Foods : From medium range to exquisite chinese delicacies

Recommended Drinks :

Very nice decoration and comfortable environment. Pictures tell all the stories.

More Pictures

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 05.jpg

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 27.jpg
Authentic Chinese Famous Liquors

crystal jade the gardens midvalley 26.jpg
The miniature Terracotta Warriors

crystal jade the gardens midvalley env 01.jpg

crystal jade the gardens midvalley env 03.jpg

crystal jade the gardens midvalley env 04.jpg

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11 Responses to Food Tasting Session at Crystal Jade Restaurant

  1. ladyironchef says:

    nice photos, didn’t know Crystal Jade expanded outside Singapore and had branch in KL too.

    ladyironchefs last blog post..Mad Jack: Wild wild Aussie experience

  2. cutie says:

    Wah, you go everywhere to eat… Damm shiok. But it was great knowing you yesterday. Hope to see you again soon ya… And thanks for making me craving for more food. I’m going to gain weight soon. Haha…

    cuties last blog post..Great Place For A Satisfying Meal

  3. PenangTuaPui says:

    really nice environment and great food….. is all the table got nice night view? I love the night view…

    your photo quality is supreme…. well done bro…..

    PenangTuaPuis last blog post..Malay Food | Three ‘N’ Ikan Bakar

  4. lingzie says:

    the peking duck looks good! seems like the crystal jade chain is taking KL by the storm yeah? Crystal jade express, CJ2 dunno what all belong to the same chain but different name with diff target market.

    lingzies last blog post..BigBoysOven Baking in Penang this December!

  5. email2me says:

    ladyironchef : Thanks ….. they have 8 outlets in Malaysia

    cutie : Nice meeting you too ….. makan is fortune la … not gain weight 😛 depends what you had ….. take more detox drinks from WIP sure later get slimmer

    PTP : The view so so only coz not facing KLCC side …. Thanks for da compliment …. all also learn from u … hahaha …. I am the one that should thank you …..

    Lingzie : Ya …. anything that come with Crystal Jade name is from the same group. Palace > Restaurant > Express > Xiu Long Bao ….. this is what I read from their profile …. very nice Cantonese foods with the high end price too -.-”

    email2mes last blog post..Recipe & Baking Guide for Fruity Pistachio Slices

  6. ck lam says:

    great food with nice environment…thats a good place for entertaining friends and family. I like to try the Far Kau one day.

    ck lams last blog post..@The Sun Restaurant in Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre, Penang

  7. Kaya MeeKoo says:

    Yes, I agree. This was one of the restaurant chains I visited when I was in KL. Scrumptious food.

    Beautiful shots of the the food 🙂

  8. Duckie says:

    this place looks and sounds good … and i suppose tastes good too!!! must go!!

    Duckies last blog post..Unknown Fruit

  9. andrew says:

    never fancied the food there though =D i might have a different thinking now.. LOL =D btw, i’ve already updated the wip photos in my blog already… hehe.. =D and credited one of your pix… bbo’s birthday cake!! =D anywayz, see you on friday ok?? what time you’ll be there??

  10. email2me says:

    CK : Make sure you bring a fat wallet there. It ain’t cheap. hehehe ….

    Kaya MeeKoo : Glad you the like the food there … Thanks

    Duckie : Like I told CK, bring a fat wallet. Then you will enjoy the food to the max. They have abalones and premium birds nest too.

    sheryl hoh : nice meeting you too …. thanks for the compliments

    andrew : ya … already saw it. very nice. I’ll be there at Daidomon 11.50am

  11. damn alot of pics la u…seriously when u can shoot like this..no need to use DSLR d rite?

    lotsofcravingss last blog post..Bellygood Restaurant @ Sunway Mentari

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