Chill out and Food Tasting Session at Work In Progress (WIP), Bangsar Shopping Center

I was invited by Sidney (Big Boys Oven) to join him for the food tasting session at WIP at Bangsar Shopping Center. WIP stands for Work In Progress.

When Sid and I arrive at the Bangsar Shopping Complex, we bumped into Kelvin (Wet Wet Water) and Sue (Sue Me If You Can) at the main lobby. Then we were looking for the entrance together. After turning a few corners, then we saw a signboard stating WIP. It is a bit confusing though as currently there are quite a number of renovations work in the main lobby of Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Then upon pushing the door open, we saw this 2 sign on the door.

A toilet with electronic locks !! This is the ladies.

This is the guys toilet …

Then we were directed to the table where the whole gang are already arrived. Not long after we had a sit, the menu came and drinks is served.

At first I thought …. OMG …. this restaurant is so good serving all their clients Evian mineral water. Guess it is not. Refill from water dispenser only.

Detox Juice Drinks – Bubbly Mango RM17 [Kiwi, Orange, Mango, Soda Water – Great for vitality]

cocktail – Mojito Rm28 [Ron Varadero White, Monin Mint Syrup, Lime Wedges, Mint Leaves, Brown Sugar]


Cocktail – Blue Lagoon Rm24 [Blue Curacao, Smirnoff Vodka, Soda, 7Up]

Cocktail – Lychee Martini Rm25 [Absolut Vodka, Lychee liquer, monin Lychee Syrup, Fresh Lemon Squeeze]

Ice lemon tea….. it taste very strong lemon taste and very thick. Recommended for ice lemon tea lovers.

Detox Juice Drinks – Gardener’s Tonic Rm17 Spinach, Carrot, Apple – Emulate Popeye’s 20/20 vision

Overall the drinks served, I like Lychee Martini and the Ice Lemon Tea the most. The rest I may not know how to enjoy it but somehow some of the drinks were created for a reason beside for the reason of getting an alchohol kick. Our Bartender that present us all these fantastic drinks were Ben.

Thanks again Ben for explaining all the drinks for us. That’s all about the drinks which served to us for tasting purpose that night. Let’s move on to our food part.

Vegetables Pakoras Rm15 [Fried Vegetables with spinach sauce] Rating 4/5

This dish taste like prawn fritters batter but there are no prawns. It is just pure vege inside which you eat together with the spinach sauce. It taste pretty good too when eat with peppermint sauce.

Cajun Chiken Tortillas Rm16 [Marinated roasted Cajun Chicken Wrapped in tortillas and accompanied with a salad bouquet] Rating 3/5

The taste are well balanced between the salads and meats which is good to replace conventional Caesars salad as a starter.

Tempura Prawn with Dragon Fruit Salad Rm25 [Warm and cold salad with a combination of tempura prawns and fruit salad] Rating 3/5 This is the first time I had such a starter which combines Japanese Tempura into a dragon fruit salad. It may look rather colorful and weird but trust me. The taste are all good.

Salmon Steak and Wild Rocket Salad Rm36 [Norweigian Salmon Steak grilled to perfection and served with potatoes au gratin and fresh tomato salsa] Rating 4/5


This I would say, is the best salmon steak I ever had. It is perfectly grilled and the potatoes below it are not the mashed type. It is sliced and baked with mozarella cheese. The salsa at the side suit in perfectly. Recommended to try for those who visit here for the first time.

My table consist of Sue, Kelvin, Andrew and me. I just look at the other side to take some shots then when I look back it is gone. Luckily Sue did left me a piece before they clear the plate. Thanks Sue… 😉 Then the waiting brought in a dish covered with a dish cover and we expect it to be a hot plate. But somehow it is not.



So we open up the cover and walla ! It’s a lamb kebab on hot plate.

Lamb Kebab on Hot Plate Rm29 Rating 3/5
Marinated Lamb meat cooked on a sizzling hot plate over a slow fire with fresh asparagus on the side. On the top, the lamb kebab taste like tandoori. Below it are vegetables which similar to Portuguese grill. This is something pretty special. The mutton are very tender and have a strong spice taste which is used in marinating it.

Posing a bit with the naan bread

The Naan Bread were very soft even though they look crispy. Perfect to go along with the lamb kebab ! Rating 4/5

We were served capati and papadum to be eaten together with the lamb kebab. Nothing special about this though. Rating 2/5

Thai Green Chicken Curry Rm26 Rating 3/5
Boneless Chicken cooked in our home made thai green curry served with vegetables, kerabu mango and steamed rice. The spiciness of the curry is there some how it lack of spice kick to me. The kerabu mango are very normal. The chicken doesn’t absorb much of the curry and hence taste pretty normal. I bet if this is cook for longer, it should make a good come back.

Lamb rack. This is ordered by Jason. I didn’t taste it though cause too full.

Beefy Pizza Rm33 Rating 4/5
Beef Pepperoni, beef bacon, beef ribs, all beefed out. A signature hand tossed pizza which famous in Souled Out as well. The crust were very thin and the meats on top are very generous. Recommended for a light snack.

Just look at the pepperoni and hams. Yummy!

Sang Har Mein Rm33 Rating 3/5
Our signature dish of fresh blue leg prawn in egg gravy, over deep fried wanton noodles. Sang Har Mee ….. Fresh water prawn mee …. direct translation from its name in Cantonese. The taste are there but somehow lack of the kick vs the one I had in Greenview in PJ near the Bulatan Rothmans. All the ingredients were fresh and cooked on the spot upon ordered.

Look at the size of the prawn from Jason’s hand. So BIG !!!! Worth the RM33 …..

Tofu Puffs Rm16 Rating 5/5
Stuffed with minced prawn mushrooms and mixed vegetables. Fried to a crispy brown. This is highly recommended to order and be careful not to throw the whole piece in to your mouth. It is very hot inside.

This is how the tofu puff looks like inside

Nasi Goreng Petai Rm18 Rating 3/5
Delicious and fragrant fried rice with petai sambal, comes with salted fish and chicken wings.

Homemade Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream Rm15 Rating 3/5

Organic Crepes with organic fruits and melba sauce Rm18 Rating 3/5


Chocolate Mocha Cake For Sydney’s Birthday Rating 4/5

The Chef

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Place: WIP

Location : Bangsar Shopping Complex
GPS Coordinate : N3 08.574 E101 40.039
Location Maps :

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Address : G111 Ground Floor Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285 Jalan Maarof Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact No : 03-2094 1789
Website :
Business Hour : 12pm – 2am
Off Day :
Food Type: Western, Chinese, Muslims, Indian Muslims, Middle East and Fusions
Price: Reasonable
Payment Terms : Cash
Cleanliness Votes : 3/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Halal : No
WIFI : Yes.
Smoking and non smoking zone : Yes
Tax : 5% Gov and 10% Service
Recommended Foods : Refer above

Recommended Drinks : Refer above

This bar and grill is own by the same boss which owned Souled Out in Hartamas. It is a good place for you to hang out to have your dinner and have a booze at the same time.

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