49 Katong Laksa

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Place: 49 Katong Laksa

Location : Ceylon Road
GPS Coordinate : N1 18.298 E103 54.190
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Address : 49, East Coast Road (Off Ceylon Road), Singapore
Contact No : 6344 5101
Website :
Business Hour : 8am to 7.00pm
Off Day : Alternate Monday
Food Type: Kari Laksa
Price: Reasonable
Payment Terms : Cash
Cleanliness Votes : 2/5
Food Votes : 3/5
Air Conditioned : No
Halal : No
Smoking and non smoking zone : No
Tax :
Recommended Foods : Curry Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Otak-Otak and Rojak

Recommended Drinks :

Along East Coast Road of Singapore, you might notice 3 or 4 restaurant selling LAKSA. The laksa is the This dish comes only with a spoon and no chopstick. This is the first time I eat my noodle dish without using chopstick. They only serve you with a spoon with chili and lime leaf.

Unlike the other type of Laksas, Katong Laksa uses noodles that are cut up into smaller pieces so that the entire dish can be eaten with a spoon alone (without chopsticks).

The cononut-based broth is much thicker than the other variants of Laksa. It is certainly more richer. Also, instead of yellow egg-noodle, they use white lai-fun noodles. A bowl of laksa is not complete if without the cockles.

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