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Published on April 24th, 2008 | by email2me


Restoran Tan Kee Roast Duck (Lunas Roast Duck)

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Place:Restoran Tan Kee Roast Duck

Location :Lunas Town
GPS Coordinate :N5 25.745 E100 32.088
Address :Refer map
Contact No :
Website :
Business Hour :Daily lunch time till dinner time
Off Day :Tuesday
Food Type:Roast Duck
Price: RM19 per bird
Payment Terms : Cash
Cleanliness Votes : 3/5
Food Votes : 5/5
Air Conditioned :No
Halal :No
Smoking and non smoking zone :No
Tax :No
Recommended Foods : Roast ducks, spicy and sour vege soup

Recommended Drinks :

This is one of the finest roast ducks you can get in Kedah/Penang core temp. Price are reasonably cheap and it really taste good. If you arrive there at bad timing, you will need to wait for the duck to be roasted. Most of the customers there order by 1/2 bird at least for a person’s meal herunterladen.

The spicy and sour vege soup also are cooked the home cook way. This 2 is a must try when you visit this restaurant.

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One Response to Restoran Tan Kee Roast Duck (Lunas Roast Duck)

  1. tiger says:

    Sorry bro, allow me to say that this roast duct taste is just so so only. We tried it but cannot accept the level of roasr duct quality.

    We went to try 2 weeks later, enough is enough. Either this guy do not understand how to serve roast foods or not respect the foods or talk we do not know how to eat roast duct or talk his roast duct is the best of the world.

    Twice, the roast duct is flooded with sauce that destroy the original taste, duct looks not fresh after the sauce all over.

    we all foods lover & will not criticise if the food is not good. but this time, sorry, he just don’t understand / respect the food which we cannot accept.

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