Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

Place: Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

GPS Coordinate : N3 09.063 E101 35.548 Daore Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara Location Map

Location: Located at 3rd floor above Khalifah Mamak stall in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

Address : No.2-3A, Jalan PJU 5/9 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact No : 03-6140 7114

Business Hour : 12 to 3pm for lunch and 6 to 11pm daily

Food Type: Korean BBQ Steamboat

Price: Reasonable

Cleanliness Vote : 5/5

Food Votes : 4/5

Halal : No

Air conditioned : Yes

Tax : 10% Service and 5% Gov

Comment/Remark :

Unlimited refill side lines. No oily and smokey feeling due to the exhaust ducts. You just need to sit back and they will grill the foods for you. Excellent Kim Chi and Dilsot Bibim Bab which is very healthy and all made from vegetables.

I can say this is one of the best Korean food I ever had in either Penang and KL.

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7 thoughts on “Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

  1. Johannian

    great food…service was excellent….well basically what more can i say?…the food was great…its a little pricy….but yea its worth your money…:p

  2. ph3

    My 1st visit was in 2009 after having read the good reviews so last week I visited there again ( party of 5 pax ) hoping to have another great time. Boy … was I in for a disappointment 🙁

    We ordered 3 beef portions (forgot the name) + another 1 portion beef (another type). After the order taking, the foreign order taker (Myanmar?) kept insisting we order extra side dishes…very hard selling.

    The refillable side dishes then came which was exactly 1 portion each & 2 portions of lettuce irrespective of how many pax was at the table?? The last time, we were in a party of 3, & we were served two portions of kim chee & 3 portions of lettuce! So if you are going there, quickly divide the kim chee amongst yourself & keep ordering refills.

    Another thing to be aware if you order more than 1 portion of the same type of meat … remember I ordered the 3 portions … well the waiter came & said that it was 2 portions before cooking, then when we asked the remaining portion, the order taker insisted that we were served 3 portions.

    I think the order taker was a senior staff & the waiter that served us dare not answer us after the hoo hah!

    We left the place feeling that we were short changed & agreed that another Korean restaurant called ” Little Korea ” @Mont Kiara was much better in terms of service & meat selections.

  3. ellenta

    Daorae Kota Damansara is The WORST branch among all Daorae branches.


    I have been eating at Daorae in Sri hartamas & Ara Damansara for so many times….. Never been treated badly before.

    Due to Daorae in Ara Damansara close down so I when to Kota Damansara Branch for the first time on 5th Sept 2010 for dinner.

    There were 4 of us and we ordered 2 bbq dishes (min. requirement) and a kimchi pot… Total of 3 dishes with 2 bowl of rice(the serving is enough for 4pax)…..BUT…The waiter told me that there are 4 of us and I need to order 4 dishes in order to process the order… I told him that is what we wanted and he stood there not willing to process the order… then he said if i order 4 dishes then they will only serve the side dishes for free… this is RIDICULOUS… he keep standing there giving us trouble and do not want to process the order…I was so angry in the end I walked out of the restaurant.

    OMG…. i never encounter that in Daorae Sri Hartamas and Ara Damansara… I have ordered that before and they processed my orders with all the side dishes given and etc…

    Tip : Never go to Kota Damansara Branch… The WORST service in the world.

  4. line

    having a bad service in Daorae, Puchong due to many customers, since i have been there many times.. the mgr was very good then i approach him and tell him for the future improvements but to my surprise he is saying that my table ask for a lot things.. when i ask what? he could not define.. i just request to refill the side dishes which happen to add only the salad.. he is not interested to hear or even care, pity the staff.. which made me very disappointed as i will face the same service if i ever come again.. to me that is it.. 1st and last.. there is a better korean rest in tmn desa..

  5. sasha

    I have been to many many Korean restaurants around the world and enjoy this particular cuisine very much. Doarae has been a favorite restaurant and I frequently eat at doarae in tanjung bungah and bay an lepas in Penang. Recently moved to KL and visited the doarae in Kota damansara. Wow…. I cannot believe the service was so bad. The attitude of the supervisor was outrightly atrocious. There were 4 of us, my mother, me and 2 children aged 8 and 12. We ordered 2 mains and a soup. Guess what! When I finished ordering, the supervisor actually gave me a dirty look and spoke quite sarcastically implying that I have ordered too little. I was totally put off with this attitude of his. If the restaurant wants us to order to their liking the number of dishes they think is suitable for that particular no of persons, then sell set dinners instead. Looking around for better Korean restaurants cause this one sure doesn’t need my business cause we are considered too CHEAP I guess. So….small eaters think properly before you consider patronizing this outlet.


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