SS2 Pasar Malam (Monday) Japanese Takoyaki

Place: SS2 Pasar Malam Monday

GPS Coordinate : N3 07.074 E101 37.367 takoyaki-map.jpg

Location: SS2 Pasar Malam

Business Hour : 6pm to 10.00pm

Food Type: Japanese Takoyaki

Price: RM3.50 for 3 pieces

Cleanliness Vote : 1/5

Food Votes : 5/5

Halal : NO

Comment/Remark :

Takoyaki (???? or ???) (literally fried or baked octopus) is a popular Japanese dumpling made of batter, diced octopus, tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, konnyaku, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver (aonori), mayonnaise, and katsuobushi (fish shavings), originating from Osaka. Making takoyaki requires a takoyaki pan, a special frying pan made of cast iron with hemispherical molds.

In SS2 every monday night, there are a stall which endorsed by 8TV Ho Chak show before and it taste really good when eaten hot. Caution!!! Do not put in the whole piece into your mouth. It is very hot inside.

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