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Published on August 25th, 2007 | by email2me


Kedai Kopi Kong Heng

Kedai Kopi Kong HengKedai Kopi Kong HengChicken Meat Hor Fun with SoupKedai Kopi Kong HengKedai Kopi Kong Heng

Kedai Kopi Kong HengKedai Kopi Kong HengKedai Kopi Kong HengKedai Kopi Kong HengKedai Kopi Kong Heng

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Place: Kedai Kopi Kong Heng & Thean Chun (Same Boss live hintergrundbilder iphone herunterladen. Left wing is Thean Chun but can order food from Kong Heng)

GPS Coordinate : N04.35.781 E101.04.667 Kong Heng Map

Location: Jalan Sultan Yusuf download fonts word. Nearby Nam Chow Dry Curry Mee Stall.

Address:None. Refer map.

Contact No : None herunterladen.

Business Hour : 6pm to 12pm Daily

Food Type: Chicken meat hor fun, fried and non fried popiah, custard pudding with maple syrup, chee cheong fun, satay, bean sprout chicken and beef soup noodle download iserv folder.

Price: Reasonable for every dish.

Environment Cleanliness Vote : 3/5

Food Votes : 4/5

Halal : NO


The slice chicken hor fun with soup mods minecraft for free. No need to say as illustrated in the picture. It is fantastic. Imagine we can’t ask for extra bowl of soup from the seller. He won’t give you extra soup just like that Download ps4 games. He will ask you to order one more bowl. The soup is cooked with plenty of big prawns and without MSG. Dry version is pretty normal.

The chee cheong fun here is served the old school way with sweet sauce and green chili snapchat über google herunterladen. Nothing special about it. The popiah is nice. Same goes for the satay. The way they sell satay here is pretty different. Let say you want to try out the satay download a1 form. You no need to tell them how many you need. They will cook some and serve you in advance with mixture type of satay like the pig spare parts, chicken, beef and beef spare parts herunterladen.

The best dish I had in Kong Heng is the custard pudding. It is served with a cold cup of plain water when you order herunterladen. Some people will taste is too sweet and add a bit of water. For me is perfect. This is a fast moving item. Get there early or it will sold out before even lunch time. You can buy and store it in your home refrigerator. It taste even better.

This is the best place to find taugeh chicken in the day time. The taste is pretty close to Onn Kee and Low Wong Bean Sprout Chicken.


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