Renoma Cafe Gallery Bukit Bintang

When I mention the brand Renoma, automatically you will think of underwears right?

Most of them are available nationwide in the supermarkets across Malaysia. However this is the first time I heard that they venture into F&B industry. The owner Mr Maurice Renoma began his artistic career by breathing new life into men’s wear at the beginning of the sixties by introducing the Ready to Wear men’s fashion and Ladies High fashion, accessories, shattering the prevailing conventions of men’s clothing and freeing men from austere conservatism and its dated codes. A lover of Art in all it’s forms, Mr Maurice Renoma expressed art through clothing, then later through the object, an original vision, unfettered by aesthetic prejudice, daring to experiment with new fabrics, bold colours and novel combinations.

In 2001, Renoma opens Renoma Cafe Gallery in 32, avenue George V. 75008 Paris. RCG Paris is a showcase of the philosophy of Maurice Renoma : The Stylist, Designer and Scenographer who is always sync with the latest fashion and design trends and enrobes this space in his visionary and sometimes scandalous imagery.

Over the years, RCG has been pulling in trendy, suited and booted local punters from around the environs of the Avenue des Champs-Elysees and has become one of the places to be seen in Paris.

Tempted to have another marvellous art form bistro, Renoma Cafe Gallery extends its presense in the heart of KL on Sept 2012. RCG KL will be the second RCG after Paris, also the first in Asia.

The concept of Cafe in a Gallery or vice versa, remains faithful to Maurice Renoma’s defying and visionary imagination. This would be a perfect place for a chill out place where it combines art gallery, fashion boutique and chic bistro concepts.



The Upper Floor VIP room for private functions and dining. Neo-classical sofas and armchairs with a nouveaute appeal.

A luxurious feel and setup room for the elites guests. This room is open for public and whoever that can afford it may book the room for themselves.

Mythologie Series Photo where shots of a striking animal heads clad in elegant or casual outfits.

This 3 photos is Mr Renoma’s favorite shot as a photographer. The first one is a horse, ostrich and the third one is a monkey.

Upon sitting down on our table, we were greeted with some house baked cup cakes. I had the red ones which is a red velvet. I try to control myself not over eat them as I still got a range of main course to go on.

I ordered myself a non alcoholic Refreshing Summer cooler to cool myself down as the weather recently kinda humid and extremely hot. This is a perfect drink to start a night. While sipping down the mojito, I ran through the menu and impress with its range of French offerings.

Designer style menu yo ….. a very cool looking ones which it is well sectioned and full of surprise.

Assorted Canapes @ RM20 featuring “forest, sea and farm” elements. Fresh mushroom ragout, smoked Scottish salmon, beef pastrami and air-dried Muscovy duck on slices of toasted brioches is a perfect way to kick start your meal with. Different blend of flavours that play along on your taste bud.

Beef pastrami

Inspired by the theme “forest, sea and farm” elements. There are fresh mushroom ragout, smoked Scottish salmon, beef pastrami and air-dried Muscovy duck on slices of toasted brioches all presented very prettily. A good start to any meal.

Cured Muscovy Duck Breast Salad @ RM28

The French duck breast has been cured with camomile tea hence do not have the strong duck smell which some people don’t like it. The runny egg yolk in the center tells how skilful is the chef in preparing the dish at its best and most original style.

Nicoise Salade with Scottish Salmon @ RM28

The combination of mixed salad leaves with the silky smooth salmon, grilled artichoke, heirloom tomatoes, anchovies, quail eggs and and a red wine vinaigrette are something new to me. Maybe I always ordered Caesar salad and forgot about this salad.

120gram of Pan Seared Foie Gras @ RM78

I hardly go all out for starter. This time, we got ourselves a piece of finely done Foie Gras that are grilled to perfection. The foie gras are moist and smooth in textures. I wouldn’t recommend to take this alone unless you are a super fan of it and intend to skip the rest of the mains. Though the grapes are there but it doesn’t help to lighten it. It is still heavy to be consumed alone.

Mini Snails Parcels RM18

Parcels?  Sounds a bit awkward right? They are actually oven-baked Burgundy Escargots in puff pastry and presented hidden behind curried lotus root chips.

 Rock Lobster Bisque RM32

Intensely flavoured from the crustacean veloute and I find it kinda salty for my liking. Perhaps the chef shall consider to reduce it and let the customers take care it via the shakers. Besides little medallions of rock lobster in the broth, what’s uniquely surprising about this bisque is the serving of fried crispy whitebait on top and a drizzle of spicy cream. Perfect to go with the breads that neutralize the flavour. But once run out of bread, the taste are rather intense.

French Onion Soup @ RM20

Caramelized Onion in a Beef Bouillon topped with toasted bread and Melted Gruyere cheese. I love the soup! A recommended to order here. Who will say no to order this dish in a French Restaurant ? duh …..

Croque Madame @ RM28

RCG serves a Croque Madame (RM28) and not a Croque Monsieur. An interesting explanation on the difference between a croque madame and a croque monsieur is that the former has a poached/fried egg on top because that fried/poached egg looks like an “old fashioned lady’s hat”! To put it simply, a croque monsieur/madame is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich popularly served in French cafes as a quick snack, much like the American hamburger.

The croque madame served in RCG is a bit more sophisticated – it has cured beef, Muscovy duck, turkey ham bathed in melted Gruyere cheese and the poached egg crowning it is seasoned with a shake of black truffles.

LArtisan Burger @ RM 58

Would you pay RM58 for a burger? Well, if that burger has a patty made from 220 gram grass-fed Beef Striploin.

With rillette of Muscovy duck and a piece of foie gras stuck in the middle of it and all these sandwiched between a 6” bun, served with a rocket salad, made the price tag all worth it. Some more it is paired with hand cut fries with house special dipping.


Oriental Rack of Lamb

The glistening pieces of lamb, char-grilled to perfection – the insides are so pink and juicy, are served on a bed of saute’ed vegetables and sweet Shimeji mushrooms.

Boeuf Bourguignon – Slow-braised Beef Cheek  RM58

The taste is good, texture wise are too soft. This is subjective to every individual, I like my piece of meat kinda hard. The beef cheek are melting in your mouth type of softness.

Ribeye Wagyu (with a marble score of 6) @ RM128

Beef lovers would do well with the various cuts available on the menu, from hanger, ribeye, sirloin and tenderloin, all at 220g. We tried them and it was well handled. All their steaks are served with seasonal vegetables by the side and black truffle pomme puree and you also get to choose the sauce to go with it. However, we had our steak sans sauce just so we could taste the natural flavours of that superb slab of meat! Not to mention paired with their house wine which is the Shiraz type perfect to go along with the steaks.

Cod Meuniere @ RM62

If you find that the meats are too much to take for dinner, you can go for their cod fish which are pretty decent in size. It is pan-seared in brown butter and served with seasonal vegetables on the side with some delicate aromatic infusion from kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass.

Cog au Vin @ RM36

Coq au Vin is a classic French dish of chicken cooked in red wine. Here they use spring chicken where the meats are softer.

Rock Lobster Thermidor @ RM148

This is something to order if you’re set to impress your guest. A whole rock lobster tail is saute’ed with chanterelles (a fungus with fruity aroma) and served with Porcini mushrooms, crustacean veloute and melted Gruyere cheese. However the presentation is lacking. Imagine you are ordering such and expensive dish and lobster are famous to make your table look impressive. The chef shall retain the lobster to decor the dish?

Orange Vanilla Creme Brulee @ RM18

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant @ RM20

Becareful with this as you cut in, the hot chocolate will ooze out and make you active whole night with sugar rush.

Le Cafe Gourmand @ RM18

A small glass of Espresso together with 4 assorted RCG sweet patisseries – macaron, mango millefeuille, eclair and croquignole (double-baked biscuit). This way you get your coffee fix after meal and also the sugar to sweetened it up.

Peach Melba @ RM18

Left: Chef Alven Tan (Chef de Cuisine); right: Chef Amanda Lim (Chef Patisserie)

Renoma Cafe Gallery
Lot 510 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2143-9919

Open: Sunday-Tuesday: 12.00pm to 11.00pm
Wednesday-Saturday: 12.00pm to 1.00am

Website here

Some of the descriptions were quoted from and Credits goes to them.

The Finest Of Chinese Foods by Restoran Extra Super Tanker, Damansara Kim

I have been staying in KL for more than 10 years and my colleague always said there are a lot of tai chow place in KL. But out of all that it is pretty normal and do not impress me much. Maybe most of their foods were pretty similar and not much of creativity. Some more they ain’t cheap which usually come out to pay more than what it is worth. Inspired by the now defunct Penang KOMTAR Super Tanker, Chef Chin or better known as Wah Kor helm the kitchen of Restoran Extra Super Tanker. There are actually 2 outlets belongs to him. The first and longest is the one located at Damansara Kim opposite Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Another one is at Bukit Utama.

Throughout 9 years, they started off with 1 shop lot and not expand till 4th. I was introduce to them 2 weeks back on the newly launched menu items.


This is made the traditional style like my mom’s cooking. It is hand cut and then mixed with special home made sauce.

Braised peanuts.

Sei Poh (Four Treasures, RM25 per person)

The combination of 4 Chinese favorite sun dried seafoods are used in preparing this soup. It is double boiled for a long period of time with old chickens. By the milky color of the soup, it is very dense in taste but still taste good.

Kong Nam Kum Ngan Pau (Jiangnan Gold & Silver Pouch, RM38).

This dish is an old school dish but present in a different way. Instead of serving the abalone as a whole, the center part of the abalone is replaced by dried scallops. Then the abalone head are placed in a braised gourd ring garnished with black moss (Fatt Choi).

This is the abalone head after removing it from the gourd ring. Usually the abalone are kinda springy and AH Wah Kor being an expert in braise cuisines, soften it with his skill.

Yin Yeong Loong Fu Parn (Hybrid Dragon-Tiger Grouper in Two Styles, RM19.80 per 100g)

The fish are fillet and sliced thinly. Then it is slowly bath in oil to cook it slowly. According to the chef, this way it will retain the fish juiciness and sweet taste.

The remaining parts like head, tail, fins and bones were then steamed with grated ginger, superior soya sauce, tau soh (Teochew preserved soya beans) and some bird eye chilli.

Japanese Pumpkin with pork ribs

This dish gets all the attention through out the night. The pork ribs were braised in superior rice wine and then steamed in the pumpkin. The whole pumpkin are edible from the skins and the flesh within.

Braised Pork Knuckle and Pig’s Stomach with Chinese Herbs (RM50)

This taste pretty close to bak kut teh but who cares …. as long as it is good the rest doesn’t matter. The pork melts in your mouth without need to munch much.

Yi Sek Kai Pei Koo (Two-Way Eringi Mushroom RM25-small, RM60-large)

Presented on a bed of caramelised sliced onion, the fungi’s soft, spongy caps came wrapped up in thin slices of pork shoulder meat.

The sturdier stems were stir-fried and crusted with salted egg yolk.

Tin Cha’at with Pork Neck Slices (RM25-small, RM35-medium, RM50-large)

Origin from Bukit Tinggi, this vegetable are stir-fried with thin pork neck meat in a fiery-hot sauce that tempered the leaves’ grassiness and the pork’s fatty accent.

Fried Brown Rice with Wolfberries and Pumpkin (RM25 – small, RM35 – large)

This is a healthy version of fried rice prepared by Wah Kor. He emphasise his customer should eat healthy and enjoy his cookings.

Crab Roe King Sharks Fin (Hai Wong Chi)

For dessert, we were served with sharks fin soup. Every single scoop are filled with fresh peeled crab meats and the fins are of high quality. Checkout the quality of the fins below.

This is a rare occasion that during a review, I booked a table on the spot for my next visit. The food is REALLY THAT GOOD!  Vincent Lam (one of the eatery’s co-owners) recommends us the restaurant’s signature dishes for our next feasting trip there. Most of the foods that we plan to have MUST BE ordered 2 days in advance. The foods below are not simply available for walk in customers. A reservation MUST be made prior your arrival.

The traditional starter or called 4 seasons platter were commonly served during wedding banquets. The chickens were poached and then freeze together with its juice.

Premium sharks fin soup that come with comb type fins.

Chuk Wan Ching Hoong Wan Yee (Red Snapper Steamed with Bamboo Pith and Beancurd Sheet)


Suckling pig with shrimp paste RM250

Normally suckling pig is all about the skins. Wah Kor version is something worth mention. He pair it with shrimp paste.

Thousand Layer Tofu

Home made tofu with ham and other specialties. A MUST order here where this dish sold out pretty fast daily.

Braised pork tendons

You can only have this dish during weekends. At first I am expecting the tendon to be quite hard and bouncy. Upon putting it in mouth, the melt away sensation are awesome. The meats too were so soft till by just putting your fork over it, the meat will fall from its bone.

Quin Loong Wong Chau Farn (Emperor Hsien Loong Fried Rice) – RM70 for 10 persons portion

I personally rate this is MALAYSIA #1 fried rice. Usually people don’t give much attention to fried rice as it is just a filler at the banquet finale. Just incase the guest not full enough this is just a cover. I wouldn’t say that here at Extra Super Tanker. This is a fried rice which needs to order 2 days in advance!  This is due to the prawn ball were hand made where a large amount of shrimps were hand cut to retain its succulent. The rice were then fried and cooked for 45 minutes non stop in a very small heat to ensure it doesn’t burned. Several crab claws, large prawns, dried scallops and roast pork meats were used in the fried rice. Such a luxurious plate of fried rice are fits fot a king!

We were surprised that the rice were served together with iceberg lettuce. According to Wah Kor this is meant to wrap the rice and eat it.

This is emperor Hsien Long fried rice! A MUST ORDER!!!

Prior to this post alone, I have been there for the 3rd time after the review. I just can’t get enough of its food since there are still a wide range of foods yet to be ventured. I would say you shall order the foods towards the claypot braised type and also fried rice as this is the specialty at this outlet. If you choose for a healthier choice of food, then you shall check out their THE CLUB Bukit Utama outlet which operates under the same name.

I will be back for more in December 2012 for another round of feasting. I will be attending with a bunch of fellow food writers for this and shall order traditional long forgotten dishes.

Restaurant Extra Super Tanker, 48 SS20/10, Damansara Kim, PJ.
Tel: 03-7726 7768/69

Branch: No.1 Club Drive Bukit Utama Bandar Utama PJ.
Tel: 03-7726 8877
Some of the descriptions were quoted from Credits goes to them.

MIGF 2012 The Restaurant in The Club Saujana

Set in the tranquil setting at The Club Saujana Resort, surrounded by the lush tropical gardens, The Restaurant offers unconditional privacy, personalized service and exceptional food in a posh, elegant surrounding. The restaurant name is called “THE RESTAURANT” and not just a statement. Every time when my customer ask me for a good place for dining, weekend retreat and conference. I sure get screwed. Why? They ask me where can I get a luxurious conference room to house some oversea VIPs. I said “THE CLUB”. They started to stare at me already. Then when I said for dining within the area? I said “THE RESTAURANT” . The name is simple but when answering people have to add the word “SAUJANA“. Sometime I have to drive them over only they believe.

Offering an eclectic menu of modern European cuisine, The Restaurant also offers an extensive wine list and cigar selection to accompany.

Talk about the ambiance, is nothing but first class service and ambiance.

Plush sofa with wooden works around are stunning that gives the retro feel like an English living hall. Service are on thumbs up level. Imagine if you ask where is the toilet, they not just point the location. They escort you there. This is what we call world class service.

The Restaurant is known for its bold and inspiring menu creations. The Restaurant’s Head Chef, Austrian born Chef Alexander Waschl has already made a solid stamp on his creations. Part of the team that earned 16 Gault Milau points previously in Switzerland, which is the equivalent of a Michelin Star, Chef Alexander brings an exciting edge to his creations here at The Restaurant.

In celebration of the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF 2012) this year, There are a total of 6 courses in the MIGF menu – diners can choose to have a minimum of any 3 courses from the menu.

A serving of awesome bites for us to snack on while waiting for our foods.

All were fresh made and I can still feel the warmth of the break sticks.

The 1st Amuse Bouche

The night start off with a round of appetizer where it consist pieces of rolled-up Smoked Duck, Foie Gras Terrine, Pear Wantan and Chef Waschl’s signature Foie Gras Ice Cream! He created this amazing ice cream last year, it has become the singularly most popular and often-requested item on the menu.

For a beginner on this dish, don’t think what is that. Just enjoy it. The silky smooth and creamy texture are exactly like Haagen Daz ice cream.

The smoked duck and pear wantan are old school food from his home town back in Austria.

The terrine are perfectly done too.

The Starter dish is Grilled Salmon Medallion Horseradish with Parsley Oil.

The salmon were grilled to perfection and sits on a plate of thick luscious creamy sauce. Chef Waschl explained that there’s no cream in the recipe but rather, it’s a very classic rendition using potatoes and milk and of course, his secret methodology. The parsley oil gave it not only a dash of pretty green, it’s also very aromatic and well with the briny sweetness of the salmon.

There are 3 choices under “Mains”.

The round shaped meat ball looking is the lamb patty. It packed plenty of oomph once your teeth sink in. Paired with the paprika sauce gives it a hints of spiciness.

 (Center)Pulled Lamb Shoulder and Potato Goulash in Paprika Gravy, Sour Cream gives a plate of lamb goodness for those who appreciates them. I am not a lamb person but somehow I clean the plate. The sauce compensate the taste to a perfect balance and not to strong in smell if you dip more on the sauce.

Olive Oil Poached Halibut, Halibut Ravioli, Green Asparagus, Semi-dried Tomatoes

This is one of the perfect halibut I ever had. There’s the Olive Oil Poached Halibut, served with Halibut Ravioli sitting on top of several crunchy Green Asparagus matched prettily with a few Semi Dried Tomatoes. I must say this was by far the best execution of halibut I have tasted in a while and Chef Waschl elaborated the rationale behind his chosen method of cooking this fish: poached in olive oil. It seems olive oil is the perfect medium to cushion the tender halibut to seal in its sweetness so that it presents the best texture: softly succulent and bursting with its natural marine flavours.

 The 2nd Amuse Bouche

We thought we were going to 2 mains at most. And Chef’s Black Angus Beef Striploins were basking atop a generous portion of Braised Beef Cheek, accompanied by Baked Capes Mushroom Ravioli, Garlic Roasted Spinach with Celeriac Puree greet us with 4 juicy strips!

Ohh la la …. I will never say no to this! They were striploins perfectly done and from the photo you can tell they are really good.  With a glass of red wines, it is to die for.

Then for a finale chef personally greet us on our table with a surprise.


This is our dessert~! A doze of lethal combo which cause me on sugar rush whole night. Cake and Mousse from Dark Chocolate with Mango Praline and the chef personally came to our table to scoop us the Mango Sorbet.

Head Chef Alexander Waschl

The Menu Prices (per person without Wine Pairing) are:

Any 3 courses : RM150++
Any 4 courses : RM170++
Any 5 courses : RM190++
Any 6 courses : RM210++

The Restaurant also offers an extensive wine list and cigar selection to accompany.

The Restaurant operates for breakfast 6.30am – 10.30am, Lunch 11:30 to 15:00 & Dinner 19:00 to 22:30.
For dining reservations, please call +603 7806 7000 ext 6722 or email: [email protected] or visit

The Restaurant
The Club Saujana Resort
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Shah Alam

Some of the descriptions were quoted from Credits goes to them.

Guest Post : Malaysian International Gourmet Festival 2012 @ Lai Po Heen and Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental

Written by : Annabella Wong

This year marks the 12th edition of Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF), themed “Classical Chefs – A Symphony of Great Cuisines”. There are 28 Malaysia’s finest restaurants serve up Special Festival Menus at Special Festival prices accompanied by a host of Special Festival Offers from 1-31 October 2012.

Among the 28 restaurants, Mandarin Oriental’s restaurants – Lai Po Heen and Mandarin Grill will be offering their new innovative gourmet creations available for this festival lunch and dinner.

Lai Po Heen is a Chinese cuisine restaurant in Mandarin Oriental which specialises in Cantonese delicacies and dim sum.

Chef Ricky Thein

Chef Ricky Thein, Executive Chinese Chef of Lai Po Heen is no stranger to the connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine in Malaysia. Chef Thein is a Gold Medalist recipient in the 5th World Golden Chef Competition for Chinese Cuisine in 2005 and he is also featured in several international culinary TV shows and events.

Here are the 7 courses from Lai Po Heen Festival Lunch and Dinner menu:

Hunan ice chilled whole baby abalone

This attractive looking plate of abalone sitting on ice shaved is called Hunan Ice Chilled Whole Baby Abalone. The baby abalone comes with fresh pomelo, fruit salsa (under the abalone) and a caramel sugar stick. I was very impressed with the presentation and was not very sure how to start digging in! After much waiting and looking around at how other food enthusiasts attacked the cold dish, I followed suit. *grins*

Gotta love the delicious fruit salsa of avocado, kiwi, tomato and spicy sesame sauce that goes very well with the abalone.

Double boiled “Kung Fu” soup

Thinking that the abalone was impressive, the Double Boiled “Kung Fu” Soup kicked me off. The premium dried seafood, cordyceps, american ginseng, morel mushrooms and baby cabbage served in tea cup while the soup in the tea pot.

Simply pouring the soup into the cup like pouring tea. This is my favourite course among all. Love the soup very much and how we wish we could refill the tea pot! Everything in the cup is superbly good. By far, this is one of the most luxuriously good soup I’ve ever tasted :D

Seriously, I don’t mind having to drink this as tea everyday.

Trio of Corn Fed Chicken

The trio is made of chicken slices as the base, wok seared szechuan pepper spiced and topped with crispy chicken skin.

Mandarin Orange Sorbet

The Mandarin Orange Sorbet is served on watermelon ceviche in a martini glass. This is available in the dinner menu and is served in between meal courses (after Trio of Corn Fed Chicken, before the Steamed Dragon Grouper Roll). The sorbet cleanses the palate after having meat and ready your stomach for the next food intake.

Steamed dragon grouper roll

The steamed grouper roll with Hong Kong Kai Lan stuffed inside sitting in a pool of hot superior rice wine sauce.

If you see closely, there are wolfberries in the wine sauce which resembles little fishies in a pond. :3

Sun dried scallops glutinous rice

This delicious fragrantful Sun Dried Scallops Glutinous Rice served in Dim Sum basket resembles Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice (Lo Mai Kai), except that lo mai kai is wrapped with lotus leaf and you need to remove the leaf before eating it. As for this, the rice is wrapped in spinach leaf, which made the whole thing edible.

Unlike lo mai gai, where the rice is sticky and chewy, the sun dried  scallops glutinous rice is soft and fluffy! With the scallop sitting in the middle of the rice, making this whole course a delightful dig!

Sweet Sensation

For dessert, we shared this Sweet Sensation of peanut coated butter milk cubic with green tea sauce (front) and passion fruit infused coconut pudding (back).

peanut coated butter milk cubic with green tea sauce
passion fruit infused coconut pudding
yummy coconut pudding

Lai Po Heen’s lunch menu (5 courses – with everything above except Mandarin Orange Sorbet and a choice between the Trio of corn fed chicken or steamed dragon grouper roll) is priced at RM198++ per person (without wine) and RM228++ per person (with wine), and the dinner menu (7 course – everything above) is priced at RM288++ per person (without wine).

Then, we proceeded to Mandarin Grill which is one floor below Lai Po Heen.

Mandarin Grill

Mandarin Grill is an exclusive and contemporary modern grill restaurant. The restaurant aims to satisfy both local and international gastronomists with a range of classic dishes with a modern twist. Mandarin Grill has a very elegant interior and being said that, I told myself that I must behave elegantly as well. *determined*

Chef Reto Weber

Chef Reto Weber, Chef de Cuisine has worked in various countries across Asia, Australia, Europe and Middle East. This is his second year participating in MIGF. Chef Reto uses all natural culinary creations and emphasizes on perfection in every dish.

Mandarin Grill Wines and Champagnes

Mandarin Grill also offers an extensive selection of champagne and wines from both the old and new world. Lucky for us, we get to pair our meals with some good wines. :D

Mandarin Grill table setting

Seated with all equipments and tools ready to be used to dig into our meals :3

Horn salt and pepper shakers

Tried my best to behave elegantly the entire night, but seeing these horn-looking salt and pepper shakers, I couldn’t resist myself from doing this:


Well, I tried. Teehee..

P/S: No harm was done to the salt and pepper shakers. Also, none of them touched my hair, in case you’re hygiene alert about it.

Mandarin Grill homemade breads

I don’t normally take bread before meals, especially after having a few courses before at Lai Po Heen, as I would like to leave my tank half empty for the next few dishes that we’re about to enjoy. But, everyone said that these homemade breads are so lovely, I decided to give in and grabbed the smallest bread there is. With the butter spread and sour cream, this bread should come in as a course on its on! It’s really fresh and fluffy! *yums*

Rabbit Loin Perigord

From the Mandarin Grill Festival Menu, Rabbit Loin “Perigord” is one of the two choices of appetizer, the other is Coral Dusted Bretagne Scallop.

The Rabbit Loin “Perigord” is served with lamb lettuce, cep mushroom and truffle juice.

Doversole Fillet

There are two choices from the lunch menu for the intermediate course, Doversole Fillet or Duck Leg Confit “a la orange”. The Doversole Fillet is served with salsify, baby spinach and grenobloise sauce. It is said that Doversole is the smallest flathead fish in the world! :O

Duck Leg Confit A la Orange

The Duck Leg Confit “a la orange” comes with braised apple red cabbage and roasted potato dumpling. The duck leg is cooked to perfection. On its own, it tasted well seasoned, tender, juicy and succulent. Then, I tried the duck meat with the braised apple red cabbage which tasted like pickled Chinese cabbage (in a way), also a sip of red wine. Such mixture blends in the mouth and I finished the duck within seconds. No time to update this on Instagram at that moment. This is a citrus-fruity duck for me and enjoyed it over a glass of red wine.

I like how the Chef plays with the food presentation. It’s like having to admire a piece of art (food) before eating them. :)

Halibut Fillet “Winemaker Style”

The Halibut Fillet “Winemaker Style” is served with white foam, champagne choucroute, pomme chateaux and caramelized grapes. It is said the halibut is the biggest flathead fish while doversole is the smallest flathead fish. So, here you get to taste 2 of the biggest and smallest flathead fish in one full course!

The foam on the fish is actually tasteless. Heehee.. I enjoyed the caramelized grapes as it reminds me of raisins! *nomnom* I find the fish slightly overcooked but still good with all the companions on the plate.

Pure Black Angus Tenderloin “Saliou”

There are two choices for the main course; Halibut Fillet “Winemaker Style” and Pure Black Angus Tenderloin “Saliou”. The Pure Black Angus Tenderloin “Saliou” is served with foie gras, brussel sprouts, smoked celery puree garnish bourguignon.

Don’t you wish you could chomp that thick juicy yet succulent looking piece of meat?!

White & Orange

For dessert, there are two choices of either White & Orange or Chestnut Honey Sentenced Reblochon. Here we have the White and Orange – white sacher sponge, bourbon vanilla bavarois, and orange custard . This serving is actually for 2 persons.

Enjoyed this dessert as I arranged both the white and orange side by side and eat them together. Easily finish them within seconds!

Petit Fours
Petit Fours

As for the finale, we had this Petit Fours along with coffee and tea. Super love the Macaron <3


Mandarin Grill’s lunch menu RM165++ per person for 2 courses meals and RM195++ per person for 3 courses meals, both without wine. The dinner menu is RM345++ per person (without wine).

This is my first time experiencing MIGF and I’m thrilled! It was my great honor and privilege to be able to taste and experience dining in these two exclusive restaurants in Mandarin Oriental in one evening. Thank you Mandarin Oriental for the great food and hospitality. Also, many thanks to Ken for extending the invite.

Do check out for their other MIGF offers at Mandarin Grill and Lai Poh Heen.

For reservations, contact these numbers: +603 2179 8885 (Lai Po Heen)+603 2179 8960 (Mandarin Grill)

Mandarin Oriental
Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Telephone: +603 2380 8888


Melbourne Peking Duck From Australia Now in Bangsar

Do you know where to find nice and affordable Peking Duck dish in Klang Valley besides hotels? Most of the time only high end restaurants or hotels have this dish. To find it in normal restaurants is kinda hard. We are lucky enough in KL and Bangsar to be precise, there’s a famous Peking Duck Restaurant franchise open its first outlet in Malaysia.

It is known as Melbourne Peking Duck. Why is it named like that? This is because the chef is from Melbourne Australia and the brand name as well.

We were served prawn crackers for a start. All the practise and operations procedure is exactly the same as what you get from its origin restaurant back in Melbourne, Australia.

Spring onions & cucumber

Chef’s own secret recipe special sauce

Bird eye chili and sambal ? Hmmm this is something new for a twist from the traditional flavour.

The duck smells so good and we can smell it from far when it is pushed out from the kitchen.

This is the creator and franchise owner fly in all the way from Melbourne, Australia. He is an experience chef who are in the kitchen for more than 30 years. He can skinned a duck at a blazing speed. Just check out the video below.

Every single slice are evenly sliced.

This is the special bread made completely different from the traditional ones. This is made from fresh milk and top grade flour. In result customers can eat more as it taste lighter and fluffier. Normal Peking duck, when we eat it, we feel kinda oily and not able to eat much. At most 5 pieces. Here I can kill a whole bird myself.

This is the owner Hong who are the franchise owner in Malaysia. He is going to demonstrate to us the right way of wrapping a Peking Duck. This is truly an eye opener for all of us who attend the dinner at night. Little that I know there are a proper way that actually wrap Peking duck nicely and in fact made it taste better.

 Deep Fried Pork Rib

 Butter Chicken

 Deep-Fried Butter Chicken Cubes

The duck actually has some meat left and able to churn out further dishes like the list below.

 Stir-Fried Bean Sprout with Shredded Duck Meat

 Homemade Tofu with fish meat

 Kangkung Belacan

 Shredded Duck Meat Fried Rice

 Shredded Duck Meat Fried Flat Noodle

Melbourne Peking Duck
Address : 24-1 , Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru.
Opposite Alexis bar and bistro

Restoran Oriental Maju Palace Maju Junction

I do get some request from my business associates, vendors and guests where to find good dim sum in KL “WITH” criteria. No hotel, no road side, must have air cond. I kinda hesitate to tell them there are not many good choice for it except some in Sentul where they only operate on Saturday and Sunday. Recently I was invited to Restoran Oriental Maju Palace to try out their dim sum selections. This place also is pork free and suitable to enjoy by all races.

I seriously don’t know there are a Chinese restaurant above the car park. Don’t ever judge the book by its cover. Though it is located facing the car park, the place are really has its class and quality. The place are able to house some wedding parties, wedding banquet dinners, corporate functions

There’s a small family function when we were there. Even though it was a full house restaurant, it doesn’t feel stuffy or packed like sardines. It is fully airconditioned and well ventilated. Comfortable and nice table setups. Service level is excellent.

This is a preview of what we had for 10 pax during the review. There was 2 tables filled with foods that I can’t wait to share it with all my beloved readers.

There’s a table where you can have cook to order. Everything is real and prepared to let you see and decide with its pricing. Normally we hardly get to see how does our food look like before it is served. Here, they made a sample and you can see it right away.

There are range of noodles that are very tasty. Ingredients used are premium quality and fresh. You don’t get those feel like it is simply cooked just to fill up the menus. What you see on the sample is what you going to get.

The fried stations and desserts bar are hard to resist for me as all my fellow bloggers know that I had a sweet tooth.

All the common and special items that you can think off from Hong Kong dim sum list are available here. Some more there are some localised like yong tau fu and other famous local delicacies. To name a few is like pan fried white radish cakes, chicken pie, fried prawns, eggs tarts and the famous crystal skins HAR KAU (Prawn dumpling). Rice rolls with crispy prawns also are quite attractive here where it is pretty nice for a snack.

Siu mai, Deep-fried Codfish Rolls, Char Siew Bun and Big Buns are some specialties here that I rank them top 5 in my list for my Chinese Dim Sum list in KL. The skins were just right, fluffy buns and ample of fillings on every bite.

Some of the special selection like water chestnut cakes also available here.

If you feel you need something more warm like porridge also available here. There are seafood and crab porridge for you to choose from.

If you want something more full body, you can opt for the curry noodles and the Double Boiled Superior Soup with Beef and Enoki Mushrooms

For those who are more health conscious they have a few tarts that are filled with aloe vera and natural greens rather than the ordinary fattening eggs and butters. I am lucky enough to be able to sample their durian mooncakes in this session. To balance it up so that I don’t get heaty, I  ordered their lemon grass jelly while others ordered soya milk with black sesame glutinous rice ball.

The glutinous rice ball also come with the option for ginger soup and also. Or if you want something more common, go for the longan soup with white fungus.

There are 2 signature desserts here which is the custard bun (LUI SAR PAU) that has its warm custard filling ooze out when you bite them. Becareful as this is extremely hot and it may scalded you tongue. To finish it off, you can try steamed egg with bird nest.

Maju Palace Restaurant (*PORK-FREE)
Level 5 Maju Junction Mall
1001 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03- 2691 8822
Fax : 03- 2691 3822

GPS: 3.159686,101.696346

The Oriental Group’s website

Hainanese Cuisine At Its Best At Award Winning Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

Hainanese Food ….. What do the word remind you of? Chicken Rice? I got the opportunity to taste the real deal at the award winning Chinese restaurant Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental.

They fly in Chef Leung Po Lam from Mandarin Oriental, Sanya for a showcase of sophisticated Hainan flavours.

Chinese Master Chef Ricky Thein (Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur) and Chef Leung Po Lam (Mandarin Oriental Sanya, Hainan Island) briefing the media on the dish served of the night. Like most island diets, traditional Hainan food is well known to be light and mild in seasonings. There are no MSG used in all their dishes. The chicken rice there taste more mild than ours which emphasise on the chicken dip sauce. Master Chef Leung Po Lam from Mandarin Oriental Sanya will be at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur from 14-23 September 2012 to showcase his signature Hainanese dishes.

Appetizer – Peanuts on Balsamic Vinegar. Something new here but still retains the traditional peanuts as an appetizer.

The signature Sanya Chili Sauce where it is a unique taste to go along with any dishes. It has a strong bean with ginger paste taste paired with spicy herbs. This is not for the faint hearted.

White soy sauce, vinegar and chili pickled turnip

Soy and coriander marinated baby carrots

Having worked at some of the best restaurants in HK and Guangzhou, Chef Leung has almost 30 years of culinary experience. He joined Langham Hotel in Hong Kong in 2006 in which his efforts in its Cantonese restaurant helped earn a Michelin star rating. Prior to joining Mandarin Oriental, Sanya in Nov 2011, Chef Leung was attached with Four Seasons Macau where he managed the culinary aspect of their 100 table restaurant. During his tenure, the restaurant was awarded with two Michelin star.

This is how a live abalone looks like. It was air flown in all the way from Sanya as they are renowned for fresh and top grade seafoods.

Double boiled kung fu soup with fish maw and cordyceps

Each guest were served in the a Chinese tea set . The soup were doubled boiled for 5 hours with the abalone and old chickens which famous for its rich taste for boiling soups.


The baby abalone, fish maw are tender and the dried cordyceps soup were tasty.

Steamed baby abalone and king scallop with glass noodles and black bean sauce. The scallop are big and juicy which the sauce made the glass noodle really delicious. The abalone steamed to perfection which having the perfect chewiness.

Poached “Tanniu Wenchang” chicken

This chicken is imported from a place in China called Tanniu. It was a free range chicken that roam around the place and survive by feeding on grass. But compared to our Kampung Chicken, the meat were much tender and juicy. The dip sauce were made from young ginger and garlics mix. Then spring onions were added upon served.

Homemade tofu in superior sauce, bamboo pith, bird’s nest and asparagus was simple, but fairly tasty. The bird’s nest added a luxurious touch to an otherwise ordinary dish.

Lotus lake sautéed vegetables with sliced cuttlefish was beautifully presented and lightly flavoured. I liked the tenderness of the squid was just nice.

Fried rice with salmon and scallop

This is something new to me where salmon are used in fried rice. I was told that the rice were just fried with a pinch of salt together with the rice, scallops and salmon. According to Chef Lam, this is the best way to bring out the taste of the seafoods.

Creamy almond tea with egg white and deep fried coconut milk spheres. Chef Lam said the food were crafed for beauty benefits. There’s a surprise waiting for you inside the sphere.

Hot coconut milk to sweetened your night.

The Hainanese Cuisine menu is priced at RM32++ onwards per dish, from 14 to 23 September 2012. For more information, check out Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur’s official page or email the hotel at [email protected] Follow Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur’s Facebook Page or twitter page for updates.

Lai Po Heen
 Chinese Restaurant
Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2179 8885


Mooncake Festival at Lai Po Heen Mandarin Oriental 2012

Celebrated on the 15th of the Chinese August Month calendar, the Chinese community usually celebrating the mooncake festival. Mooncake is a round in shape normally and sweet in taste comprising a thin layer of baked or chilled pastry filled with lotus or red bean paste, melon seeds and salted egg yolks.

One of my favorite place to get my fix of mooncake is Lai Po Heen of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

A golden dining hall gives a luxurious Chinese Imperial feel of ancient palace look.

The restaurant is perfect for business discussions and dining at the same time enjoying the mooncake celebrations with the customers. The customer will surely impressed with the ambiance and the taste of the food crafted by their house Chinese Master Chef Ricky Thein which famous for his avant garde Chinese Fusion dishes.

Mooncakes are good to be eaten before or after meals.

Traditional baked mooncakes

Chilled pastry mooncakes

Other variety of chilled pastry mooncakes

The rich in taste and nice colors create a harmony in a box. Chinese cuisines emphasize a lot on the look, taste, smell and quality which all this criteria are matched in every mooncake crafted. Each are hand crafted and not machine made.

Chicken ham with almond mooncake

Just look at that! Every bite are having loads of fillings and thin pastry skins which giving the person who eat it smile with happiness.

Lotus paste with double yolk

Mooncakes made from chocolates

Green : Pandan Flavour Mooncake
Yellow : Durian Mooncake
Purple : Blueberries and grated coconut Mooncake

Aside from the great mooncakes, a range of good food to accompany them also vital in bringing out the rich taste.

Double-boiled abalone soup with seasonal dried deluxe seafood and baby cabbage

Big abalone and scallop use to boil the soup which each drop are very rich. Priced at RM188 each bowl surely worth every cents of it.

Jasmine tealeaf smoked chicken – RM38

Smoked chicken under tea leave then paired with Ginger and spring onion dip. The dip paste smelt inviting and paired beautifully with the smoky-wood flavour and smooth texture of the chicken thigh.

Special seafood fried rice – RM36

Frankly speaking, this is the BEST BOWL of fried rice I ever tasted. It was fluffy and thoroughly tossed in the wok, allowing the wok hei and seasoning to permeate the grains. Every grain of the rice are coated with eggs and the seafoods are succulent too.

The crispy egg noodles with assorted seafood and vegetables (RM48) had more seafood than noodles. Just look at the big crab claw, succulent prawn and the juicy scallops. The gravy alone are so tasty and sweet.

The night do not ends here. When you are sitting on a table full of foodies, you will expect to taste a full range of the dessert menu.

“The Classic Banana Split Recreated the Chinese Way”

Chilled Mango Puree

Chilled Almond Bean Curd
Coconut Pudding and Pea-shaped Green Tea Dumpling
Hot Gingko Nut and Snow Fungus

Black Sesame Panna Cotta

Lemongrass Jelly

Double Boiled Sweetened Ginger Tea with Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Chinese Inpired Chocolate Coconut Dome

Double Boiled Five Treasures

Lai Po Heen
 Chinese Restaurant
Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2179 8885
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: MandarinOrientalKualaLumpur



Samira by Asian Terrace at KLPAC Center Sentul West

The last time I went to Sentul West where KLPAC resided was during my pre wedding shoot for Chris and Christine . The private owned land house a well taken care luscious green gardens and a Koi center. Next to the Koi center, there’s a Thai restaurant with the name Samira. It was from the same management of Asian Terrace which I introduced few years back.

Though the name is different but I would vote this one as my favorite in terms of ambiance.

Located next to a pool filled with fishes plus the open air dining area does make some impression here. This is the view from the parking area or walking from KL Performing Arts Center (KLPAC).

The entrance already is interesting enough as there’s a mini maze that you need to get thru and once you past that, you’ll see a nice Japanese style restaurant with a big lake surrounding it. However there’s a restriction here where you are not allowed to take photos here where the land owner prohibit you to do so. I am under the invite of the restaurant’s owner so exempted. So shoot all the way!

This is the inside look of the restaurant. Lovely isn’t it. The restaurant is giving you a relax and luxurious feel to dine here.

A perfect place for couples to come here talk lovey dovey.

For me, the main attention is the FOOD! I just got back from Bangkok and their foods taste are still lingering in my mind. Perfect to write about the authenticity and quality of Samira’s food.

Thai Pomelo Salad

The combination of fresh pomelo bits, onions and squids giving it a sweet, tangy and slight spicy shapes the Thai Starters. It is a MUST order here together with the mango salad with catfish below. This 2 are the perfect combo to have a great start here at Samira. These were their all time best sellers.

This new Yam Salad is the latest addition to their Vietnamese line ups. A comparable and worth a mention starter vs the Thai’s. The crispy yam strips mixed with other tangy vegetables and herbs made it a great starter.

Tom Yam Goong (RM30)! You don’t call it complete if you didn’t order Tom Yam when you dine in a Thai Restaurant. A thick broth, that made me wonder if there was coconut, but there wasn’t. I liked the sourness and heat of the dish, but it wasn’t piping hot enough for me. I would usually add more of the Thai Gun Powder (Their red hot chili powder) to spice it up. Then that’s the real Thai level of enjoying Tom Yam. Here they usually tone down the level of spiciness. For the past 5 days in Bangkok, I had at least a bowl of Tom Yam from different place ranging from hotels to streets to study further the real Tom Yam taste without being localised. Samira pass with flying colors in terms of authenticity. If you wanna try the REAL thing, tell them you want THAI level. You will be sweating like mad ….

Grilled Fish Fillet in Banana Leaf. A first bite in it giving me a hint of otak otak but I believe is the Thai version of it. Still it is good.

River Prawns with Lemongrass Sauce (RM35). The prawns were battered and deep fried then laden with chef’s special lemongrass sauce. The prawns were still juicy and succulent. Tell me about cholesterol after I suck the prawns head. Delicious!

Grilled Norwegian Salmon With Basil Leaf. Another rather unique method of preparation, and I believe is more Vietnamese than Thai. Despite being embalmed in sauce and herb, the salmon was not overcooked and remained moist. I like the sauce by the way. It can goes well with a bowl of white rice.

Southern Thai Masaman Curry With Beef – Introducing to you world voted #1 dish by CNNGO. A perfect soul mate for rice. Not too spicy and the sauce just perfect in terms of gravy richness.

Steamed Squid with Chilli and Lime Juice

Instead of Baramundi fish, we had this all time favorite steam style with squids. The squids were fresh and do not taste like rubber at all. It only happens to not fresh squids where you are biting rubbers. Look simple but the combination of all the taste never fails.

Traditional Thai Tom Kha with Chicken

This is another version of Tom Yam that has coconut milk. I like the one without.

Spicy Chicken With Chef’s Special Sauce.

This taste like ayam percik though. I wonder do the malay copy Thai or Thai copy them but heck care. This chicken taste really good.

Pad Thai

The Thai style Char Koey Teow. The main difference is the sauce that used to fried the koey teow and the taugeh is eaten raw. Chilli powder and crushed peanuts with a squeeze of lime upon served really spice the plate of pad Thai up. Not to mention it is blanket with an omelette to keep it warm.

Pineapple fried rice. A hint of curry powder and tumeric.


Ginger and Lemongrass drink perfect to dispel some winds after so much food.

My Lemongrass drink a cooler for all the spicy foods. To enjoy the dinner further, we were offered a bottle of Primus Chilean Wine where it goes perfectly with all the foods. If you open wrong bottle, it will further enhance the taste or break it. Like opening Shiraz paired with TomYam? Fire in the hole baby! I would recommend you to get a bottle here unless you are wine experts.

Lot 268 Sentul Park
Jalan Strachan
Off Jalan Ipoh
51100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 012-9213880.


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