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A Porky Affair at Smoking Hog SS2

I am a pork lover guy …… wherever the restaurant serves pork, I’ll be there to try out their foods. Lately more and more r [...]

Rayong Thai by Thai Kopitiam at Taman Danau Desa Serving Cheap and Authentic Thai Cuisines

Lately I am into searching for affordable and good foods around KL Selangor area. Authentic Thai food are available around KL which I previo [...]

Menya Musashi Ramen 1 Utama Top In My List Of Japan Pork Ramen

There are a couple of food frenzy trend lately started off with Bubble Milk Tea, then the Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar kick in and the latest is the [...]

Jaya 33 Merdeka Food Crawl The Finale Part 6 – Vintry Jaya 33

Having a chance to visit 6 different restaurants serving all different types of cuisines in 1 dinner really a tiring one to handle. We were [...]

Jaya 33 Merdeka Food Crawl Part 5 – Vietnam Kitchen Jaya 33

After the satisfying meals over at d’Italiane, the food crawl continue with the Vietnamese Kitchen just few doors away. [...]

Jaya 33 Merdeka Food Crawl Part 3 – Deutsches Haus Jaya 33

If you work in PJ or KL, after the office hour I don’t think you would be happy to stuck in the jam for no reason which usually last f [...]

Jaya 33 Merdeka Food Crawl Part 2 – Nagomi Shabu Shabu Jaya 33

Nagomi is a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices and high quality food. Currently known as Nagomi [...]

Jaya 33 Merdeka Food Crawl Part 1 – Shyet-Li’s Kopitiam

Located at Section 14 area, Jaya 33 rise as a new commercial centre with a built in full featured shopping mall, dining and fitness centre. [...]

Kota Damansara Good Food List 2013

With my recent travelling schedule, I felt a little bit guilty on not able to update this blog that often. I just got back from my gourmet t [...]
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