Krocies Seafood Restaurant Chow Yang SS2 Petaling Jaya Authentic and Legal Crocodile Meat Cuisines

How many of you out there ever see a real crocodile? Now in our country there’s a crocodile farm located at Sabah. The place is a sanctuary for crocodile breeding place for commercial purpose. Skins were harvested for commercial use where they usually export to European country’s leather goods maker. The skins are highly priced because of its texture and also the character of it which differs from each crocs.

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Though the skins were harvested for leather goods, the meats were sold for consumption. It is actually sent to PJ Krocies Seafood Restaurant to promote and sell it. Krocies restaurant specialises in crocodile cuisine. When they initially started, it is pretty controversial where all the environmentalist as questioning their legality. Currently they are in the business for more than 50 years. They have farms in Sandakan, Tuaran and Langkawi. All the crocs were farm grown and fed on chickens and fish.

The meat were initially sell in night markets. The meats in ancient Chinese medical history is famous to cure asthma. Yes! Curing Asthma.

This is a sample of the packing and cooking guide for the crocodile soup. I don’t read Chinese so I can’t tell you what soup is this.

It combines with other various Chinese Medicine Herbs that brings out the medical values of it to the max.

Aside from the standard crocodile jerkies, there are other type of foods can be made from the crocodile meat.

Crocodile Meat Floss.

If I don’t tell you what is that, you obviously will clear the whole plate and thinking it was a pork floss. It taste pretty close like it. Just that it is harder in texture. At Krocies they continue to research further how to promote crocodile meats.

Crocodile meats are proven much healthier and good for our health.

BBQ Croc Meat Cook In 3 Varieties

Per dish cost RM35 on ala carte.

Roasted crocodile meat. Taste like lean meat char siew. It is tender and come with a little soft bones where it is pretty good to be chewed on.

This is another alternate version of the fried meats. It resemble deep fried roast pork.


Braised Croc Palm with Sea Cucumber RM120

The crocodile finger which having a texture like braised sea cucumber and exactly same texture. Taste wise is the sauce that is the main flavour.

Tofu Croc Meat With Fish Maw – RM25

The tofu are just the ordinary tofu which then laden with a starchy sauce that cooked with crab sticks and fish maw. The meats were mixed into the sauce and you can barely feel that you are eating the crocodile meat. There are no smell or what so ever that tells you inside got the croc meat. Like chicken, there are no smell also.

Croc meat with ginger and spring onion – RM15


Croc Tongue with Garlic


Special 5 Croc Meat Combination – RM120

Crispy and fragrant spare parts minced then fried.

Fried Croc Meat With Ginger – RM15

The meat were crispy and fragrant. Just like thinly sliced pork deep fried.This is a great companion for an ice cool beer.


Deep Fried Asparagus with Salted Egg Yolks Battered

Braised black mushroom

Crocodile Head Soup – RM350 for 10 pax.

The whole crocodile head in the pot.

Just look at the teeth. Still sharp and look lively.

The soup is not just boiled on its own. It requires an advance booking. Combination of Chinese herbs and special skill in preparing it are required in order to bring the full potential of its nutritious value. The taste of the soup is similar to white radish soup. The clear and milky color soup is a combination of 2 types of soup cooked for a long hour. Nothing is wasted from the whole croc. This soup is good for asthma patient. If you take this for a long term eventually you will be cured completely. The meat can be eaten too and it is tender as a pork ribs. But during the review, the girls already freak out when see the croc head submerge in the pot.

Top Grade Light Soya Sauce Pan Fried Noodle

If all the above is not enough or not thinking to take any rice, this is a good choice to begin or end with. The thin noodle is like thick rice vermicelli but softer texture. Each slice are coated with superior soya sauce and pan fried to perfection.

If you happen to accompany your friend or family to eat here and don’t have the courage for exotics range, you can go for their pork or chicken selections. Krocies is just like any other Tai Chow restaurant that served all kind of Chinese foods.

Krocies also sell to customers Chinese Medicine Crocodile Herb which is good for asthma especially. Other than that, we also sell frozen croc meat, croc ribs, croc tail and other parts for those who wants to cook at home. For all these, can contact Andrew 0123233728 KL & PG and Jimmy 0127870087 JB

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The Early Bird Gets a 15% Discount! Xmas Roast Turkey by Sanook Bistro and Bar Kelana Jaya

Ho…Ho…Ho…. Santa Claus is coming to town!

Sanook is proud to present our renowned Christmas Roast Turkey, a bestseller every year since we opened 4 years ago. Lovingly created by our Executive Head FoodMasta, Chef Izzuan, this year’s bird is a special herb-buttered roast turkey with chef’s special walnut & thyme stuffing. Besides the traditional cranberry sauce, we also serve it with an unique giblet sauce, accompanied with sautéed root veggies, brusselsprouts and roasted jacket potatoes. All these at a very special low price of RM299 net for a 3-kg bird. Awesome!

For early birds, if you book your turkey before 15th December, we will give you a 15% discount. Arrangements can be made to collect your bird(s) on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or any other day.

Hurry, call Che Mat today at 03-78773636 or 013-2244288 to catch your turkey!



Sector 7 by Beer Factory Setia Walk Puchong Invade Bandar Puchong Jaya

How many of you ever step into the new hang out place located at Setia Walk? The place look kinda near next to the LDP. But one thing to go in is another story. You have to make a big turn just to reach the entrance. This would be the latest Beer Joints Center for Puchong City. House inside the place is the famous Beer Factory where they are serving affordable beers and a new alien base Sector 7 as their feasting spot.

The restaurant is located by the fountain where whole night the water are constantly splashing.

The place carries a pub feel and also dining by the lake style. From far it looks like a beer joint rather than a restaurant.  The restaurant is kitchen is helm by Chef Max who hail from Sarawak. His wide experience in culinary brings a new set of food offerings served here. Instead of standard bar food, Chef Max give you a proper meal.

A Full fledge range of beers for you to choose from. There are Germans, English, Belgium and all the one you can think off are available off from the tap.

I had 2 pints of Hoegaarden for the night since this is a Friday night. Chill out time ……. If you don’t want to take any alcohol or become the driver of the night, there are a range of mojitos. Just ask the bar and you get some nice recommendations. Service are attentive by the way. Kudos in this point.

I always heard a saying never drink with an empty stomach. Sure you get high very fast. You either pass out on your own drink or you get a gastric if you have that problem.

Caesar Salad – RM20

Fresh and Crunchy garden salad with real bacon bits (PORK Bacon OK? Not beef type). The crispy cheese flakes that come on the salad are better than raw cheese. Croutons are bigger than normal puny version where it gives more biting experience.

Scallop Bites RM25

This is something new to me. Scallop blanket with pork bacon. Seafood freshness covered by salty pork bacon then paired with lychee fruit and gresh garden salad on balsamic vinegar. I absolutely love it! The lychee sweetness may sound odd in here. But once you pop the whole scallop into your mouth it is delicious. 1 plate won’t be enough and we had a second plate in order once we had the first bite.

Sea Bounty  Soup – RM32

Seafood soup made from tomato soup based. Then it is cooked with fresh prawns, clamps, scallops and made upon order. The seafood taste overpower the tomato taste but still retain the tangy after taste on every spoon. This plate is good for those who feel too full to order snacks or main course.

Superlicious Tomato – RM18

You can opt for a mini version of the soup if you want it as a starter.

Pork Satay – RM28

My pray is answered all these year! A satay with my all time favorite Chinese Bak Chang rice dumpling is to die for here.  Each stick are big and meaty. Unlike the Malay version where you can clear the whole stick in one bite. This one I need 3 to 4 bites to settle a stick.

Pork Knuckle – RM50

This is a pork knuckle with a Chinese twist.

The skins resemble suckling pig skins. Crispy and tender meat beneath cushion with mashed potatoes. Unlike German pork knuckles that serve sauerkraut, Chef Max thought of localising the food. He has 3 types of sauce that you can choose from for your

Apple Sauce

Black Pepper Sauce

Brown Sauce

Marinated Pork Chop – RM28

This is an alternate option if you feel the pork knuckle is too big to be consume alone. That portion above is for alien size like me and my fellow makan kaki. We wipe it clean.

Grilled Lamb Chop – RM36

Some people don’t like pork. Lamb chop is is a good choice for you then.

For Chinese, the dinner won’t be complete if there are no rice to fill up the gaps. Sector 7 do not serve white rice but fry a hell good plate of fried rice. All the fried rice come with sunny side up eggs with Chef Max special made sambal, fried prawn crackers and best of all the fried chicken wing.

Kampung Fried Rice – RM18

Fried with chovies and kangkung topped with crispy dried prawns.

Tom Yam Fried Rice – RM16

Fried with Tom Yam paste and large prawns

Yong Chow Fried Rice – RM16

Fried with lap cheong and superior light soya sauce in small fire until the rice are fragrant

Bacon Lollipop – RM25

This is a super star of the night. It may look like a normal battered fish ball. But it is more than that! Each ball come with hidden bacons within and each pop sure bring you lots of surprise.

Fried Chicken Wing – RM22

A perfect bar snacks that never fail to impress from beer factory. It is marinated well and deep fried. A good choice for beer lovers.

Beef Cantonese Kueh Teow – RM18

Those who don’t want to have rice for the night can go for their range of noodles whether from their Asian menu or the westerns. Chef Max has done his home work on getting the best taste where local people can accept.

Spaghetti Carbonara – RM25

Creamy and nicely done spaghetti ala carbonara.

The night won’t be complete without a good dessert to end it.

Chocolate Lava Cake – RM32

At first I thought we were served a fruit platter. After taking a look, there are brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits.

On the other end, this is the first time I saw a lava cake that really has its chocolate lava flood the whole plate. Every ringgit for this plate of dessert are well paid! I don’t mind to pay for it at RM32 base on the quality ingredients served.

Just look at the volcano … ohhhh so sinful.

Kahlua Tiramisu – RM25

Don’t judge by its look. Plenty of ingredients put inside and a slide maybe won’t be enough if you have a sweet tooth.

Yummilicious Cheesecake – RM22

Lychee Shots to end the night. Go home smiling …. (too much booze for the night) hahaha ….

So to find out more, you can go and checkout


Sector 7
(next to The Beer Factory)
Block B,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong.
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