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Ultimate Penang Best Food List

Last Update : 29 Dec 2013

To know more about Penang in 3 minutes 30 secs play the video below which is pretty interesting.

Sneak Previews Penang Old School Foods On Video

Part 1

Part 2

Kungfu Style Wan Ton Mee

Siam Road Char Koey Teow

Ais Kacang [Esplanade Food Court]
Air Kacang [New World Park]
Ais Kacang [Kek Seng Kopitiam]
Ais Tingkap [Chowrasta Market]
Apom Guan [Burma Road]
Apom Chooi [Burma Road]
Asam Laksa [Air Itam Kek Lok Si Bus Station Market]
Asam Laksa [Weld Quay Next to Okio Dessert Van]
Asam Laksa [Balik Pulau Sungai Batu House Operated]
Asam Laksa [Balik Pulau Sungai Pinang Durian Farm]
Asam Laksa [Farlim Shell Station]
Asam Laksa [Penang Hwa Secondary School]
Bak Chang [Pulau Tikus Opposite Union School]
Bak Chang [Cintra Street Next to Rolex Woo Hing]
Braised Chicken Feet and Mushroom [Kimberley Street Sky Emperor Cafe]
Cendol [Penang Road Joo Hooi Cafe]
Char Koay Kak [Batu Lancang Market Food Court - Seafood Style]
Char Koay Kak [Lorong Macalister Seow Fong Lye Kopitiam]
Char Koay Kak – Burma Road
Char Koay Kak – Wah Meng Kopitiam Air Itam
Char Koay Kak – In front Sui Wah Mini Market Night
Char Koay Teow [Ah Leng Day Time]
Char Koay Teow [Ah Leng Night Time]
Char Koay Teow [Lorong Selamat]
Char Koay Teow [Sisters Macalister Road]
Char Koay Teow [Kampung Jawa Bayan Baru]
Char Koay Teow [Siam Road]
Char Koay Teow [Air Itam Wah Meng Kopitiam]
Char Koay Teow [Kimberley Street Bee Hooi Kopitiam]
Char Koay Teow [Kimberley Street Mantis Prawn Sin Guat Keong Kopitiam]
Char Koay Teow [Bamboo Clam Style Carnarvon Street Ping Hooi Cafe]
Char Koay Teow [Crab Meat version at New Lane or Lorong Baru]
Chee Cheong Fun [Macalister Lane Seow Fong Lye]
Chee Cheong Fun (Peanut Butter Style) [Genting Cafe Island Glades]
Chee Cheong Fun [Branch of Seow Fong Lye Soon Yuen Cafe Kuala Kangsar Road]
Chicken Porridge [Cintra Street]
Coconut Jelly [Joez Coconut Jelly Jalan Dato Keramat]
Curry Mee [Air Itam Sister]
Curry Mee [Jalan Dato Keramat next to Federal Cinema]
Curry Mee [In front Of Honda Show Room Sungai Pinang]
Economy Fried Bee Hoon [Kimberley Street Ah Seng]
Economy Fried Bee Hoon [Ah Seng's competitor next door]

Fried Chicken Skins [Gurney Drive]
Fried Oyster [Lam Ah Kopitiam Opposite Bomba Chulia Street]
Fried Oyster [Seng Thor Kopitiam Carnarvon Street]

Fresh Water Prawn Lim Aik Chew Sungai Dua Mainland
Hainanese Poach Chicken Rice [Penang Road Kheng Pin Cafe]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [Perak Road]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [One Corner Cafe Burma Road]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [Sin Kim San Rangoon Road]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [T&T Lorong Selamat]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [Burma Road Green House]
KL Style Hokkien Char Fat Noodle Jalan Dato Keramat
Koay Chap [Air Itam Wah Meng Kopitiam]
Koay Chap [Kimberley Street]
Koay Teow Soup [Pitt Street Eel Fish Ball at Carnarvon Street]
Koay Teow Soup [Jalan Kimberley Duck Meat]
Koey Teow Soup [Lebuh Cecil Market Food Court]
Koay Teow Soup [Lorong Macalister Kim Lee Kopitiam]
Koay Teow Soup [Carnarvon Street Seng Thor Instant Cook]
Loh Bak [Carnarvon Street Seng Thor Kopitiam]
Loh Mee [Carnarvon Street Seng Thor Kopitiam]

Loh Bak [Penang Road Kheng Pin Cafe]
Loh Mee [Next to Kuan Yin Temple]
Mee Goreng [Bangkok Lane]
Mee Goreng [Jelutong Market Traffic Light]
Mee Goreng Sotong [Esplanade Food Court]
Mua Chee [Gurney Drive]
Nasi Kandar Beratur [Masjid Kapitan Keling 10.30pm onwards]
Nasi Kandar Line Clear [Upper Penang Road]
Nasi Kandar Sulaiman [Jalan Dato Keramat]
Nasi Kandar [Air Itam Wah Meng Kopitiam]
Nasi Kandar Hameediah [Campbell Street]
Nyonya Home Cook Food Ivy’s Kitchen
Nyonya Home Cook Food and Basins Feast at Zi Zai
Nyonya Kueh Maker [Chulia Street]
Okio Ice Dessert
Oyster Noodle [Jalan Perak Ang Hoay Lor Branch]
Oyster Noodle [Jalan Perak Ang Hoay Loh]
Pan Cake [Aki Pan Cake]
Popiah [Padang Brown Dato Keramat Road]
Pork Satay [Bangkok Lane]
Putu Mayam [Little India]
Roast Duck [Jit Seng Kopitiam Carnarvon Street]
Rojak [Macallum Street Flat]
Roti Canai with Beef and Meats [Transfer Road]
Roti Jala with Beef Curry
Susu Badam (Almond Milk) Chulia Street Restoran Kapitan
Susu Tarik Penang Road Line Clear
Susu Tarik Air Itam Bus Station
Tandoori and Naan [Kapitan Chulia Street]
Thai Style Asam Laksa Chew Jetty
Thai Style Home Cook Food Annathai Kitchen Pulau Tikus
Toast Breads and Eggs – Tanjung Tokong Ah Wang Cafe
Toast Breads and Eggs – Eng Loh Roti Taiwan
Toast Breads and Eggs – Charcoal Toasted Toh Soon Cafe Jalan Campbell
Toast Breads and Eggs – Sungai Tiram
Toast Breads and Eggs – Madras Lane Kiah Hong
Wan Tan Mee – Lebuh Melayu
Wan Tan Mee – Padang Brown
Yam Rice Chai Leng Park
Yau Char Kwai (Chinese Cruller) – Cintra Street
Yau Char Kwai King Paya Terubong


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    Hi… thank you so much for doing the compilation of those best kept secret on the island. Have always wanted to get more information on Penang food. Thanks…

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    Oh my! So many – how to choose lah?

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