Traditional Chinese Dessert Steam Eggs And Sweet Dessert Tea Eggs At Jalan Sayur Pudu

How many of you ever heard before about sweet steam egg?

Checkout the smooth texture of the steam egg done in the traditional steamer.

Each cost RM1.90. Each of it is steamed to buttery smooth texture with a sweet flavor taste.

The stall is located right in the middle of Jalan Sayur that has loads of other great hawker foods.


The menu board that indicates most of the desserts cost RM1.90 each bowl.

The stall opens from 3pm and close at most 9.30pm. Sometime they close even earlier upon sold out.

“Tan Cha” or Egg Tea another main attraction here.

The herbal tea is known as Pou Yin Char is a sweet taste tea that soak the hard boil egg and give the eggs flavoring. If you are not adventurous to try the herbal stuff, you can try the “LUK MEI” dessert which is cooling and refreshing.

Luk Mei Dessert

The name Luk Mei derive from number of ingredients in the bowl. It consist of gingko, Chinese fungus, barley, dried longan, quail egg and lotus seeds.


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    everything with egg, awesome & I love it!

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