Garrett Popcorn Shops, A Chicago Tradition Now in 1 Utama and KLCC Malaysia

Most of us will never fail to get a box of freshly popped popcorn when visiting the cinemas. But I can tell you those were the normal ones. For example Haagen Daz would be the top notch stuff for ice cream. When come to popcorn, I would say Garrett rocks!

Garrett Popcorn Shops, started off selling fresh, delicious popcorn since 1949 opened at 10 West Madison Street in Chicago. Highest quality ingredients from area producers and their gourmet popcorn in old-fashioned copper kettles were hand crafted. The old recipe and quality from then are still maintained until today.

I first had this when my friend from Singapore got me a bag of the famous Chicago Mix which consist the mixture of Cheese Corn and Caramel Corn. A pop of it immediately got me hooked on and I like it so much. Now we are lucky that they are available in Klang Valley. One in 1 Utama and one in KLCC.

Cashew Nut CaramelCrisp

Garrett Popcorn Outlet at 1 Utama Shopping Mall.

From far you can see there’s a que to buy this tasty popcorn. If you unsure what to buy at first, you can ask for a sample test. Just like Haagen Daz you can taste for FREE.

I know what I want usually and the beauty is I can choose how I want to mix my Chicago Mix. I can have it 75% CheeseCorn and 25% CaramelCrisp. The customers that que behind me having their jaw dropped when saw me getting this bucket. First is the size whether I am able to finish it? Hell no, I am going to burst an artery or 2 if I clear that bucket in 1 night. Second thing is the price. This bucket filled up 2 gallons of popcorn and the price tag a whopping RM149! You can see the full price list below. I would recommend you to buy the bags. It is cheaper. Although I say cheaper, the smallest bag comes with a price of RM16 vs normal cinema price of RM4.50~RM5. The quality wise is heaven and earth.

Signature CheeseCorn which I love so much!

Cashew CaramelCrisp and Macadamia CaramelCrisp. There are almond and plain butter too.

Garrett Popcorn Malaysia is located at 1Utama Old Wing where the same floor with Carl’s Jr, Sakae Sushi and TGI Friday.

Their website is located at

Lot G139B, Ground Floor, 1Utama Shopping Centre
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor



Tel : 03-77241933



KLCC Outlet

Lot C151, Concourse Floor, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Kuala Lumpur 50088





This post photos were captured with Samsung Galaxy S II

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  1. Thanks for all the kind words! I’m glad to see that you enjoy customizing your own mix at our Shops. Hope to see you again soon!