Jaya 33 Merdeka Food Crawl Part 5 – Vietnam Kitchen Jaya 33

After the satisfying meals over at d’Italiane, the food crawl continue with the Vietnamese Kitchen just few doors away.

Very colonial feel ambiance with a mix of modern interior design element in the restaurant

When I sit down, I thought people were reading about the Vietnam Kitchen in house newspaper. Actually they were browsing thru the menu and the menu were design in such similar like a newspaper.

For a start we were greeted with artichoke tea which is one of the traditional tea served

Vietnam Seafood Salad @ RM12.90 Authentic crispy prawn cracker, a bit salty and just nice to eat along with the seafood salad

Braised Pork in coconut Juice @ RM 19.90. Perfectly braised and soft on the fats, meat that makes me like the smooth texture of it. My impression when you use coconut juice to cook pork, it should carry a slight tangy taste. But here it proves me wrong. The taste were exactly like soya sauce pork.

Lemongrass fish fillet @ RM20

Vietnamese Kitchen @ Jaya 33 – facing main road


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