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Essence of Melaka at The Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel

In this holy month of Ramadan, I get lots of invites for their restaurant or hotel buffet line. Most were pretty similar in terms of offerings where the common dish like the rendang, lemang, satay, serunding and my all time favorite their traditional kuih.

This current one that I attended under their all day dining restaurant, The Essence at Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur really bring something new on the table.

Instead the normal dishes offering, they brought the Melaka famous street foods to their buffet line. Who can resist all the goodies which we normally go for when doing food trips.

I usually will start slow by going thru the salad bars which filled with plenty of greens.

All these greens were so traditional where they goes well with all the various list of the condiments or better known as Sambals by locals which available right at the corner of the table.

Becareful though a little too much of these will let you taste the wrath the next day when you go toilet. FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Some cold starters prepared like the anchovies fried with onions and chilis is just something like to start with after a whole day of fasting.

Every table were served with dates imported from Middle east.

These dates were famous for its nutrients which replenish your body the natural way after a long day fasting without food and water.

There are a wide range of selections which consist most than 100 type of food here. Venture through the streets of Melaka together with Chef Jamsari and his team (Chef Kabir and Chef Kamaruddin), as he dishes out platters and platters of delightful Melakan specialties.

Experience the distinctive culture of Baba Nyonya cuisines which consists of Chinese, Portugese, Dutch, Indian, British and Malay influences. Also known as Peranakan cuisine, the main ingredients in many dishes would mainly consist of Belacan which is a Malay shrimp paste. Some of the famous peranakan dishes are :

Pajeri Nenas Peranakan (Peranakan Pineapple)

Fried Pandan chicken which having a marinated piece of chicken tied with pandan leaves then deep fried

Sambal udang petai – stinks smell from the petai fruit yet still top favorite among Malaysians

Awesome beef rendang that goes well with the bamboo glutinous rice better known as lemang

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