Roger’s Delight at Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Despite what its name suggests, Roger’s Delight is not a café but serves delicious home cooked Chinese food all the time. Roger himself has been learning the skill of cooking since young, perfecting his skills for Nyonya skewed food for the past 40+ years.



Despite Nyonya being well known for mostly spicy food, Roger’s Delight is able to cater to your spiciness when you are dining there. All you need to is just let Roger know how spicy or non spicy you want your food to be since he’s also the Chef here.


LADY FINGER WITH SHRIMP PASTE RM8/small serving, RM12/medium serving, RM15/large serving

Tasty, crunchy ladies finger with sambal ‘hebie’.


SPECIAL CURRY DUCK WITH YAM RM18/small serving, RM25/medium serving, RM40/large serving

Several hours of braising in a claypot, this Special Curry Duck with Yam comes with soft yam pieces and duck meat. Be warned, this dish might run out if you go over late as they only prepare limited numbers per day.


CURRY FISH HEAD RM28/medium serving, RM38/large serving


For those who prefer a mild spicy taste, this Curry Fish Head is a good choice to order, especially for fish lovers. The fish used is ever fresh, tender and juicy.


SWEET SOUR SEAFOOD WITH PINEAPPLE RM20/small serving, RM40/medium serving, RM65/large serving

Sweet Sour Seafood with Pineapple, made to taste just like the ‘Gu Lou Yoke’ or Sweet Sour Pork but with fresh seafood.



PAN FRIED PRAWNS WITH ASSAM RM20/small serving, RM40/medium serving, RM65/large serving

Soft mushy brinjals, just how Asians like it with crunchy fresh large prawns is found in the Pan Fried Prawns with Assam. An appetizing dish, which is hard to find nowadays.



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  1. Looks like a good choice when it comes to Nyonya-inspired dishes. There’s one in Taman Sea, named Rumah Peranakan also quite good. Been there for some time now, it seems.

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