Famous Hong Kong Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) Now Open At Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara



Craving for authentic Hong Kong style dessert but can’t seem to find any? Well we’re in luck ‘cos the real Lucky Dessert from Hong Kong is here to stay! With 9 outlets opened in Hong Kong, their 10th opens at Sunway Giza a couple of weeks ago, serving healthy and nutritious authentic desserts from Hong Kong.


Wall of fame with Hong Kong celebrities and The founder himself



The MD of Malaysia Lucky Dessert getting the official recipe and menu book from the management of Lucky Dessert Hong Kong. The guy in blue shirt is the original founder back in Hong Kong.


The 3 original founder and operator of Lucky Dessert Hong Kong

With almost 130 desserts to choose from, isn’t this everyone’s dessert haven?


Mango Roll 芒果糯米卷 (RM 12)


Using actual mango fruit instead of the way too sweet puree stuffing in this ‘Loh Mai Chee’, sprinkled with desiccated coconut, the Mango Roll is a twist from the traditional ‘Loh Mai Chee’.

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  1. Hi Ken & Vivian,

    Thank you so much for the review. The photos are awesome and the way you describe makes me crave for it too!hahhahaa.

    Hope to see you soon!Will inform you when we have new items on the menu.


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