OM Burger Ampang, KL Best and Most Sloppy Street Ramly Burger

Malaysian own brand Ramly Burger which we had since our child hood days. We all start it off with egg banjo, baby burger and go for the full sized burger when we can afford it. I am a big fan for street burger where it is very sloppy, tasty and cheap. In KL, anyone that love Ramly burger for sure will say the best is Om Burger at Ampang. It is located in front of 7 Eleven Jalan Kerja Air Lama. The stall is operated by a Javanese Husband and wife for more than 20 years.

The word “OM” means uncle or pakcik in Java language. Both of them sell burgers daily for the past 20 years or more. What make them so special here?

Usually in any other burger stall, they like to butterfly the meat patty and press until it is very dry. Here is the other way round. Just look at the pan.

The egg is drenched straight to the oil without need to dry the pan. Slap on the patty into the egg.

Or slap in the cheese first and then put the patty.

Oblong burger on egg and cheese

Put in the chili sauce or ketchup

Wrap it up

A big amount of margarine and mayonaise used daily


Chicken patty

80% Meat Malaysian created oblong burger

Ramly brand beef patty

Even the burger slightly drenched into the oil

Put up mayonaise and some freshly cut vege and serve

A satisfying and sloppy tasty burger

Lorong Kolam Air Lama 1
Ampang, KL
(in front of 7-11)

Open daily at night only.

Click on the map to enlarge. OM Burger location map

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  1. HAHAHA … you won’t know how long it took us to search for this place last time.
    But that pool of oil looks too exaggerated lah …. I am sure you won’t need THAT much oil to pan-fry the patties?

  2. Oh, those oil really frighten me~~ Hubby tapao-ed a double chicken burger last week when he showed me the direction to Intai-Intai last week 😛 *long wait*

  3. Try out Jackson Burger @Section 14, PJ (past Section 14 mosque on left & Toyota on right, go straight on. The stall is situated under a tree, in front of single storey link houses. This is the stall that i have been going to whenever I’m in PJ for approx. 20+ years.

    Run by two elderly Chinese couple, they have chicken, beef & crab burger patties…& its totally pork free (got lots of Malays customers).

    Writing about this already makes me hungry … grrr

  4. Those of you who are using GPS/ Google maps just have to search for SPCA @ KL. The oil is not always so much but then again it’s not recommended for daily consumption! This burger has many VIPs customers and I have seen some of them buying from here!

  5. Just went there today. Wasn’t as good as expected. Too much margarine/oil taste, patty doesnt taste as good as it could be.