Seafood Village at Malacca Portuguese Settlement

On our last journey down to Melaka, we end up having our dinner at the Portuguese Settlement before we depart home. So far we heard plenty of good and bad articles related to the seafood served here. As a foodie we have to try it ourself before passing the judgement whether it is good or bad.

When we arrive at the seafood village area, we saw some of the fresh seafoods brought in from the local’s harvest. There are some fresh cockles, snails, oysters and cray fishes. The villagers here went to the sea and dive around the nearby islands where there are plenty of fresh seafoods for them to harvest all year long.

Just look at these oysters size.

It is even bigger than my hand. Each cost RM25. You can bargain for it upon order.

Grill cockles

They just heat it up just enough to make the cockles open up

Our plate of deep sea cockles which cost RM15 per plate. This plate make us laugh real hard for the night. When the cockles is served, Andrew is the one that start to eat it. He said the taste is so raw and sweet. Then he said when we pick up the cockles, he was surprise that the cockle still able to close its shell. After he had a few of it, Daniel brought it back to the stall where Andrew ordered and ask them to reheat them again. Then the guy told him …. hey … this is not cook yet! hahahaha ….. the cockle even spit at him when he try to forcefully open them.

Portuguese Grill on our red snapper fish. This dish doesn’t taste as good as the one from Petaling Street. The chili that they prepared doesn’t have much fragrant.

Garlic and ginger lala

Belacan kangkung

Garlic butter scallops

This actually taste not bad. This is my favorite out of all the seafoods served that night. The scallops are fresh and succulent.

A reminder to all who plan to dine here…. never order their noodles …. Just order their seafoods with white rice. The noodle taste bland and awful. A lot people were flogging on the stall no 1. But we go and try the stall no 4 instead which known as 88 seafood. For drinks, make sure you order your mango juice from Joe’s Only One Mango Juice which located at the far end of stall no 10. Not the one next to stall no 1 which sold by an old lady.

Overall verdict. Seafood are use to be cheap. But due to a lot Singaporean tourist during the weekends, the price are rather steep. Bargain for your food.

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  1. LOL @ andrew.

    i lurrrveee cockles! sometimes my mom would buy it then we just cook it with hot water, then dip in soysauce with chili and lime, yuM!

  2. my gosh look at them cockles and look at that TAT! awesome post.. making me salivate 😛 (btw, do u like your cockles cooked or semi -raw? LOL)

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